(Photo: John Schnobrich/Unsplash) To much of the outside world, gambling is a vice not worthy of mercy: It is a symptom of recklessness, of compulsiveness, of greed. But compulsive gambling is also an addiction—one that affects some three to four million people in the United States alone. by MAX UFBERG About 10 miles from the shrieking lights of the Las Vegas Strip, the sand-colored Christ the Servant Lutheran Church sits in a nondescript parking lot, on an equally nondescript and equally sand-colored street. The only thing that distinguishes the building from surrounding strip malls and office parks is its shimmering cross. … Continue reading EXPELLING DEMONS IN NEVADA


Jon Rappoport, GuestWaking Times Over the last 11 months, pharmaceutical companies have spent a stunning $3.2 billion on TV ads for drugs. That much money buys you influence. It buys you control. If a major network suddenly decided to set its hounds loose and investigate the overall devastating effects of medical drugs on the public, there would be hell to pay at the network. Drug companies wouldn’t stand for it. Robert F Kennedy, Jr., whose film, Trace Amounts, about toxic mercury in vaccines, was getting no media coverage, made this comment: “I talked to Roger Ailes [then CEO of FOX News], who I … Continue reading BIG PHARMA’S CONTROL OVER THE NEWS

Why My Fellow Farmers Are Killing Themselves

There’s no way to make a living growing food in America, and the poverty and shame are driving some to suicide by Layton Ehmke Last week, The Guardian published a powerful feature about how farmers and ag workers are killing themselves at a rate five times that of the general population. As a farmer, none of this came as news to me. Not in the least. About a dozen years ago, when the population decline of my small farming community of Lane County, Kansas, was gaining momentum — we’re down to about 1,000 people now — my neighbors a few miles away were living through a particularly … Continue reading Why My Fellow Farmers Are Killing Themselves

Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

2017 by: Mike Adams (Natural News) I’m going to assume the readers who make it to this article are well informed enough that I don’t have to go into the history of the global money changers and their desire for a one world currency. (If you don’t yet understand the goal of the globalist banking empire and the coming engineered collapse of the fiat currency system, you’re already about 5,000 posts behind the curve.) With that as a starting point, it’s now becoming increasingly evident that Bitcoin may be a creation of the NSA and was rolled out as a “normalization” experiment to … Continue reading Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

Everyone in the World Should Be Taxed on Their Energy Footprint

image edited by Fernando Kaskais The elite should have to pay for their lifestyle. by Aeon and Iason Athanasiadis   Creative Commons Technological advances and historically unprecedented income inequalities have raised living standards while enabling a new global elite to enjoy lifestyles more lavish in energy consumption and environmental impact than those enjoyed by any aristocracy in the past. Real-life illustrations of elites show the excesses afoot. In one instance, a businessman oversees his economic activities across several Central Asian, Middle Eastern and North African countries from a base in Dubai. He largely evades tax through an intricate tax-haven/residence arrangement concocted by his … Continue reading Everyone in the World Should Be Taxed on Their Energy Footprint

The Resulting Fallacy Is Ruining Your Decisions

NOT A RESULTER : Annie Duke at the 2007 World Series of Poker.flipchip / lasvegas.com Are you judging your decisions on their outcomes? BY STUART FIRESTEIN  INTRODUCTION BY NAUTILUS STAFF Most poker players didn’t go to graduate school for cognitive linguistics. Then again, most poker players aren’t Annie Duke. After pursuing a psychology Ph.D. on childhood language acquisition, Duke turned her skills to the poker table, where she has taken home over $4 million in lifetime earnings. For a time she was the leading female money winner in World Series of Poker history, and remains in the top five. She’s written … Continue reading The Resulting Fallacy Is Ruining Your Decisions

You’re Just Not Prepared For What’s Coming

image edited by Fernando Kaskais Not even close by Chris Martenson December 1, 2017 I hate to break it to you, but chances are you’re just not prepared for what’s coming. Not even close. Don’t take it personally. I’m simply playing the odds. After spending more than a decade warning people all over the world about the futility of pursuing infinite exponential economic growth on a finite planet, I can tell you this: very few are even aware of the nature of our predicament. An even smaller subset is either physically or financially ready for the sort of future barreling … Continue reading You’re Just Not Prepared For What’s Coming