How Emotions Mold the Art We Create

 by DARIUSH BOHLMANN Have you ever wondered why the images you created a few years ago look very different from the pictures you are taking now? Chances are you became a better photographer. You trained your eye and you got better at post-processing. But I am not talking about the craft. I am talking about the art behind photography. The art that feeds off your emotions. How was your life a few years ago? Maybe it was better. Maybe it was worse. Most certainly it was different. You probably had a different job, maybe lived in a different city and … Continue reading How Emotions Mold the Art We Create

9 Things They Don’t Tell You About Photography

By Federico Alegria  Federico has 10 years of experience in documentary photography. He’s dedicated to long-term photo-essays and is a University Professor teaching Photography, and you can get to know him better here Photography is different things to different people. People see it with professional curiosity or as a new hobby that they can add to their busy lives; photography is undoubtedly an attractive discipline to many folks out there. In fact, if you are reading this, there is a high chance that you still aren’t sure what to do with photography in your life. Today I want to share with you … Continue reading 9 Things They Don’t Tell You About Photography

How to Find Your Photographic Style

 by A.B WATSON You have found your style when you can’t do anything else. It’s your default, your normal, your nature. Style comes when imitation and influence perish. It’s something that becomes one… you, yours. Defining your style or finding your style is a life’s journey. I hope you are always evolving and changing, never stagnant when it comes to your style. But at the same time hold on to its structure, its roots, its essence. So where does one begin? How does one create a photography style? There are a few steps to understanding yourself and your taste that … Continue reading How to Find Your Photographic Style


Fotografia de Fernando Kaskais© Todos nascemos minimalistas, não só porque o nosso valor não é medido pela soma dos nossos pertences, mas porque na verdade todos somos mínimos. Cada um de nós é como um grão de areia perdido numa praia imensa, que se encontra perdida num enorme planeta, que por sua vez se encontra perdido num Universo sem fim. A nossa escala é mínima embora comporte egos gigantescos. Esses egos gigantes consomem o nosso tempo, a nossa energia e a nossa liberdade. Quando temos a noção da nossa verdadeira escala, só podemos sentir-nos esmagados pela imensidão do mundo, e pelos … Continue reading Mínimos


by Benjamin Pineros It’s fair to say that Japanese artist Michiko Chiyoda is one of the most exciting photographers in the world right now. In little more than a decade, she has managed to earn features in multiple specialized magazines and her work has been showcased already in dozens of solo and group exhibitions in Tokyo. Chiyoda’s work is characterized by gentle, introspective scenes that invite the audience to gaze at her visual compositions like one savours good poetry. For these strikingly beautiful photographs full of silences and lingering thoughts, she has been the recipient of various accolades and distinctions, one of … Continue reading EXPLORING THE POWERFUL VISUAL POETRY OF JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHER MICHIKO CHIYODA

How photography can heal your life

‘An image made in a blizzard at the foot of Glencoe, losing myself in abstracting the landscape’. Credit: Doug Chinnery by Geoff Harris Following last year’s feature on how photography can help with mental health, Geoff Harris finds more stories that reveal the therapeutic and healing power of image making Frog Spawn before dawn high on the Long Mynd, focus and exposure stacked Credit: Andrew Fusek Peters Ever since the dawn of photography, people have been trying to figure out exactly what photography is and what it is for. Is it an art, strongly influenced by the aesthetics of painting? … Continue reading How photography can heal your life

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Photography, with Gallerist Michael Hoppen

Ray Stevenson, Steve Havoc, Siouxsie Sioux, Debbie Juvenile, ‘Screen on the Green’, 1976Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery As his eponymous gallery shows a selection of “pictures on screens” at Photo London 2019, Hoppen shares his top tips for anyone in the market for photograph TEXT Belle Hutton Gallerist and photography collector Michael Hoppen’s interest in cameras and taking pictures began in his early childhood, at the age of seven or eight; training in image-making and buying photography came later. “About 40 or 45 years ago I started collecting photographs and buying them in markets and things – not that anyone else was really doing … Continue reading A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Photography, with Gallerist Michael Hoppen