Incredible photos of New York City when it was covered in farmland

The Brennan farmhouse, at 84th and Broadway, 1879. Collection of The New-York Historical Society by Leanna Garfield Most New Yorkers today are living on what was once farmland. As early as the 17th century, before Manhattan formed its famous 1811 street grid, the island contained farms in neighborhoods from Midtown to the Upper West Side. The Museum of the City of New York’s online collection reveals what the city looked like at the time. The series, “The Greatest Grid,” features illustrations and photos of New York City’s former rolling hills, which were later demolished to create a flat streetscape. Take a … Continue reading Incredible photos of New York City when it was covered in farmland

Stunning Time-Lapse Footage of Hawaii’s Kīlauea Eruption

image edited by Fernando Kaskais Video by Tyler Hulett A volcanic eruption is often not the explosive, flash-flood-of-lava affair that persists in the popular imagination, largely thanks to the notorious event at Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Rather, volcanic eruptions can be disasters in slow motion. This is currently the case in Hawaii, where Kīlauea, a shield volcano, is releasing a ponderous lava flow that is wreaking havoc on local communities and causing mass evacuations. But Kīlauea’s prominence in the recent news cycle is deceiving; in reality, the volcano has been insidiously erupting for 35 years. Kīlauea’s slow-motion flow makes it the perfect … Continue reading Stunning Time-Lapse Footage of Hawaii’s Kīlauea Eruption

What Is Art Photography?

  Waterfalls #6230, 2018. © Michael Koerner / Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago What Is Art Photography? Catherine Edelman Offers Her Opinion Debuting with Nan Goldin in 1987, Catherine Edelman Gallery has been a revered player in the art world for 30 years. Here, a wide-ranging interview with the gallery’s owner and founder. Interview by Coralie Kraft CATHERINE EDELMAN Debuting with the Ballad of Sexual Dependency by Nan Goldin in 1987, Catherine Edelman Gallery has been a leader in the fine art world for more than thirty years. Representing artists like Bruce Davidson, Michael Kenna, Joel-Peter Witkin, Jess T. Dugan … Continue reading What Is Art Photography?

The Robot Next Door by Niko Photographisme

The Robot Next Door, a masterfully retouched photo series by Niko Photographisme. Niko is a French photographer and designer who mainly specializes in photography and photo manipulations. Using tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, he likes to create humorous images with a touch of credibility. The Robot Next Door is a series of masterfully retouched photographs. It is based on the idea that things are often not as they seem. Below you can see a few images of the series. For more, please visit Niko’s website or follow him on Behance and Instagram. Packing the suitcase for a trip. Time for a little workout. Open … Continue reading The Robot Next Door by Niko Photographisme

You Don’t Look Like Your Selfie

Students at Rabindra Bharati University, in India, take a selfie during Holi celebrations.Rupak De Chowdhuri / Reuters The closer your phone is to your face, the more it distorts your nose. by VERONIQUE GREENWOOD Your face is not flat. This might seem self-evident, but as people have begun to live richer, more selfie-filled lives online, a peculiar lacuna has formed around this point. In a recent survey of American plastic surgeons, more than 40 percent reported that patients came in asking for surgery to correct features they felt looked bad in photos posted on social media. Boris Paskhover, a surgeon … Continue reading You Don’t Look Like Your Selfie