All we owe to animals

It is not enough to conserve species and ecosystems. We have an ethical duty to care for each individual animal on earth Jeff Sebo is a clinical assistant professor of environmental studies, affiliated professor of bioethics, medical ethics and philosophy, and director of the Animal Studies MA Program at New York University. He is co-author of Chimpanzee Rights (Routledge, 2018) and Food, Animals, and the Environment (Routledge, 2018). Edited by Pam Weintraub At the time of writing, Australia is on fire. The fires have killed at least 25 humans and more than a billion animals. Animals such as koalas are especially at risk, since their … Continue reading All we owe to animals

How Long Will Australia Be Livable?

Facing a future of fire, drought, and rising oceans, Australians will have to weigh the choice between getting out early or staying to fight. by BIANCA NOGRADY When tiny flakes of white ash started falling like warm snow from a sky sullen with smoke, we left. We had lived for weeks with the threat of two huge bushfires hanging over our small Australian town, advancing inexorably toward us from the north and the south. My hometown of Blackheath, perched at the top of the Blue Mountains, surrounded by stunning but drought-parched Australian wilderness, was in the center of this flaming … Continue reading How Long Will Australia Be Livable?

When Fire Weather Becomes the Norm

The fires in Australia are a case study in the realities of climate change. by Christine Kenneally Writer based in Australia I met Claire Yeo, a fire meteorologist at Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology, more than 10 years ago when I covered the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia’s southeastern mainland state. The February 2009 fires were the most destructive and deadly the country had seen—shocking even to Yeo. At the time, she thought those fires would be a defining—and singular—event in her career.       Since then, global temperatures have steadily increased and the continent has become drier, leading Yeo to worry about … Continue reading When Fire Weather Becomes the Norm

Do We Share DNA with ET?

If there’s life beyond Earth, the genetic code might be our common bond. BY DANIEL OBERHAUS The primary difficulty of interstellar communication is finding common ground between ourselves and other intelligent entities about which we can know nothing with absolute certainty. This common ground would be the basis for a universal language that could be understood by any intelligence, whether in the Milky Way, Andromeda, or beyond the cosmic horizon. To the best of our knowledge, the laws of physics are the same throughout the universe, which suggests that the facts of science may serve as a basis for mutual … Continue reading Do We Share DNA with ET?

The Moon is inside Earth's atmosphere, European researchers say

Scientists examined data from 20 years ago to reach a startling new conclusion. by PAUL RATNER Observations made by the SOHO spacecraft over 20 years ago lead to a new discovery. The Earth has a hydrogen envelope as part of its outer atmosphere called the geocorona. The geocorona stretches well past the Moon, reveals a study. We are more linked to the Moon than we’ve realized. It turns out that the outer part of the Earth’s atmosphere stretches considerably past the lunar orbit. In fact, it goes as far as twice the distance to the Moon. This discovery is a product … Continue reading The Moon is inside Earth's atmosphere, European researchers say

Humanity now “catastrophically stupid” as we enter the 2020s on a global SUICIDE mission that will only end in collapse

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) If you put a few mice in a large box with plenty of food and water, they will multiply until the box becomes overcrowded and filled with feces. When the food runs out, the mice start killing and eating each other until the entire population collapses and dies. Today in San Francisco, humans are sh###ing in the streets. Leftists are celebrating the coordinated mass murder of human babies, both the unborn and already born. All across America, parents are permanently maiming their children’s genitalia in the name of “transgenderism.” Drug use and suicides are skyrocketing, and … Continue reading Humanity now “catastrophically stupid” as we enter the 2020s on a global SUICIDE mission that will only end in collapse

The 'Now Or Never' Moment To Save The Mediterranean Sea

History’s Greatest Sea Is Dying The failure of countries bordering the eastern Mediterranean helps explain the difficulty of carrying out successful climate-change negotiations. by PETER SCHWARTZSTEIN Most of the world’s seas are in some kind of environmental trouble, but few have declined as quickly or from such precipitous heights as the Mediterranean’s eastern edge. Although it midwifed some of history’s greatest civilizations, the eastern Med has become a grubby embodiment of the current littoral states’ failures. Where the ancients sailed, many of their successors now junk industrial waste. The accomplishments of the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, and pharaonic Egyptians, among others, … Continue reading The 'Now Or Never' Moment To Save The Mediterranean Sea