What is wrong with tolerance

Jewish Haim Addad posing with his Arabic neighbour near Djerba, Tunisia, May 2008. Photo by Patrick Zachmann/Magnum The ideal of religious tolerance has crippling flaws. It’s time to embrace a civic philosophy of reciprocity by Simon Rabinovitch is an assistant professor of history at Boston University. He is the author of Jewish Rites, National Rites: Nationalism and Autonomy in Late Imperial and Revolutionary Russia (2015) and the forthcoming Jewish Collective Rights: Religious Liberty and Modern States. Edited by Sam Haselby The purpose of religious tolerance has always been, and remains, to maintain the power and purity of the dominant religion in a given state. Most dominant … Continue reading What is wrong with tolerance

Trump Feeding “Tear Away” Immigrant Kids to America’s “Elite Pedophiles”

By  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor There are two primary ratlines for stolen kids, one in Europe, one in America. Here it runs from New York, to Washington, to Florida, three areas where law enforcement and the courts are owned. DC courts were stacked by the neocons under Bush43 after the Franklin pedophile scandals threatened to bring down a presidency. Florida is totally owned, courts, local police departments, sheriffs elections, along with totally corrupt Tallahassee. New York is the same, with payoff cash running the ratline from drug ridden Montreal, down through Albany to the Kosher Nostra dens of the Trump/Kushner empire. … Continue reading Trump Feeding “Tear Away” Immigrant Kids to America’s “Elite Pedophiles”

Ethics on the battlefield

Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, 2007. Photo by Tim Hetherington/Magnum The soldier in battle is confronted with agonising, even impossible, ethical decisions. Could studying philosophy help? by Andy Owen is the author of All Soldier’s Run Away: Alano’s War, the Story of a British Deserter (2017). He lives in London. Edited by Nigel Warburton When I attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2002-3, the leadership training was excellent. It included discussion of the British Army’s values and the laws of armed conflict. However, I received no ethics training for the occasions when neither values nor laws would fully prepare me to make complex moral decisions in … Continue reading Ethics on the battlefield

Life as a Gay Man Behind Bars

by C. Brian Smith “You seem plenty tough, Brian, but you’re not prison tough,” warned Mark, a public defender who represented me when I got a DUI back in 2006. “You need to suck up to the prison guards because you’re not going to survive the Aryan Brotherhood.” I was/am acutely aware of what they do to guys like me — preppy gay white boys with delicate features — in prison. It’s estimated that roughly 200,000 people are raped in prison every year, the vast majority of whom are adult men since the vast majority of people we lock up are adult men. And a 2012 study … Continue reading Life as a Gay Man Behind Bars


by Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times Over the years, the description of the tyrants and psychopaths that so often occupy positions of power in our world has evolved, and today it is fashionable to refer to this nebulous group by using the term ‘Evil Cabal.’ Language is perhaps the most important device we have for creating reality, and just as George Orwell knew, the more linguistically vague, simplistic, ambiguous and nondescript the language, the more room there is to shape perception. This is called Newspeak, and in the case of the ‘Evil Cabal,’ the term fails to fully describe our complex world, but succeeds tremendously in maintaining … Continue reading HOW YOU CAN UNDERMINE THE ‘EVIL CABAL’

Moving the goal posts: University claims “LGBT” label is not “inclusive” enough… wait, what?

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) Concerned that someone on the vast and undefinable gender spectrum might be offended by the continued use of the longtime acronym, the University of Wisconsin – Madison is officially scrapping “LGBT” from the name of its “LGBT Center,” which will now be known as the “Gender and Sexuality Campus Center.” In a recent announcement, the university explained that the new name is designed to be more inclusive and less intolerant because, in case you didn’t know, there are far more sexual orientations and genders beyond just gay, lesbian, bisexual, male, female and transgender these days. So after “careful consideration,” … Continue reading Moving the goal posts: University claims “LGBT” label is not “inclusive” enough… wait, what?

Want to Change Society’s Views? Here’s How Many People You’ll Need on Your Side

 Gan Khoon Lay / Emily Cho by Kristin Houser  How many social activists does it take to change the world? No, this isn’t the setup for some lame joke. It’s a question no one really knew the answer to. Until now. We’ve seen plenty of shifts in society’s views — in just the last hundred years in America, the majority’s opinion on everything from gay rights to gender equality changed dramatically. However, we’ve never really nailed down if there was a “tipping point” for this social change — a specific number of people needed to push a belief from the fringes … Continue reading Want to Change Society’s Views? Here’s How Many People You’ll Need on Your Side