The Russian Plot to Control Your Mindfulness

Posts by the Kremlin-run Facebook page Mindful Being What a faux-spiritual Facebook page run by Kremlin propagandists can teach us about encountering our own biases and emotional reactions. By Bodhipaksa Most people are aware of the Kremlin’s attempts to influence voters in the US and Europe, but the fact that one of the avenues for this influence was mindfulness may come as a surprise. Among Russia’s many fake social media accounts was a Facebook page called “Mindful Being,” which cleverly mixed legitimate spiritual teachings with material intended to make us more receptive to authoritarianism. Russian operatives deciding that mindfulness, a way … Continue reading The Russian Plot to Control Your Mindfulness


by Gary Z McGee, Guest Waking Times “In the act of provoking people to think differently, philosophers make it clear that we are not fated to live within the often-stifling systems of thought that we inherit. We can change the subject.” ~Raymond Geuss Are you sick and tired of TV talking-heads babbling their way through political propaganda and scapegoating each other through underhanded claptrap that does nothing more than keep outdated bipartisan “authority” entrenched in the minds of the people? If not, have you ever asked yourself why you just go along with it? Have you ever questioned the nature of authority itself? … Continue reading HOW TO TURN THE TABLES ON AUTHORITY LIKE A F@*%ING GENIUS

New Rules for Men

By Matt Patterson And so we have arrived, in the Brett Kavanaugh affair, the inevitable and ultimate apotheosis of #MeToo – the vilification of men qua men. Now, one accusation alone – no matter how unsubstantiated and uncorroborated – is enough to ruin a man’s reputation, nullify his accomplishments and erase his opportunities…for life.  This is apparently the standard set, and accepted, by roughly half of the country as represented by the Democrat party. We have thus entered something new and dangerous.  And in light of this new reality, new rules for men vis a vis the opposite sex are required. Here are some baseline suggestions: Don’t hire women.  … Continue reading New Rules for Men

What really helps the poor?

US non-profit GiveDirectly provided universal basic income to several villages in the Kisume area of Kenya. The headmaster of this school used his to buy new furniture and books. Photo by Thomas Dworzak/Magnum  It’s difficult to test whether poverty relief actually works. Do randomised controlled trials provide a scientific measure? by Stephanie Wykstra is a research consultant and freelance writer based in the New York City area. Her writing has appeared in Slate, Vox and Inside Higher Ed, among others. Edited by Nigel Warburton Six years ago, a woman in rural Kenya told me her story. Every night when it rained, she’d have to move her children … Continue reading What really helps the poor?

The First Man the Bible Calls the Messiah

Rembrandt van Rijn, 1633 A non-Jewish Persian king was the first to be called Messiah in the Bible, and those wishing to see his legacy can visit his tomb in Pasargadae, Iran or drop by the British Museum. by Candida Moss Next Friday marks the anniversary of the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great’s capture of the city of Babylon in 539 B.C. It was a momentous event, not only for the Persians who became de facto world conquerors, but also for the Jews. Cyrus, unlike Babylonian rulers, had a more magnanimous and PR-savvy style of leadership. His conquest of Babylon led to … Continue reading The First Man the Bible Calls the Messiah


by Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times We live in a supremely statist world, and ordinary people find it practically impossible to think outside of this box. If you ask the ‘man on the street’ what he thinks of political anarchism, you’ll notice that their mind is altogether incapable of even entertaining the possibility. They’ll tell you that anarchy is chaos, blood in the streets, riots, fires, mayhem, and the utter collapse of civilization. As a political philosophy, anarchy is something much different from the bad rap it has in the minds of the sheeple. It is a philosophy centered around the … Continue reading A LIVING EXAMPLE OF POLITICAL ANARCHY – NO STATE, NO POLICE, NO GANGS, NO CRIME

How to Feed Your Family on $50 a Week

Another day, another politician who seems to have no idea what it’s like to eat while poor. Here’s my story. by Tracy Moore I grew up with a single mother who made $12,000 a year, which means for most of my life, Vienna sausages and the bologna with the red ring around it were a luxury. My sisters and I never saw a dentist until we were teenagers, or a real doctor before we were nearly 20. And yet, as a full-grown adult, having to support my partner and kid on a $50-a-week food budget was harder. Harder still? Hearing politicians continue to … Continue reading How to Feed Your Family on $50 a Week