LAURENT HRYBYK by SANDRA UPSON There’s a revolution afoot, and you will know it by the stripes. Earlier this year, a group of Berkeley researchers released a pair of videos. In one, a horse trots behind a chain link fence. In the second video, the horse is suddenly sporting a zebra’s black-and-white pattern. The execution isn’t flawless, but the stripes fit the horse so neatly that it throws the equine family tree into chaos. Turning a horse into a zebra is a nice stunt, but that’s not all it is. It is also a sign of the growing power of machine … Continue reading ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS KILLING THE UNCANNY VALLEY AND OUR GRASP ON REALITY

Natural-born existentialists

Children play on Omaha beach in Normandy, France, 1947. Photo by David Seymour/Magnum Photos Ethics cannot be based on human nature because, as evolutionary biology tells us, there is no such thing by Ronnie de Sousa is professor emeritus in philosophy at the University of Toronto. He is the author of Love: A Very Short Introduction (2015) and Why Think? Evolution and the Rational Mind(2007). Nature, Mr Allnut, is what we were put in the world to rise above. Katherine Hepburn to Humphrey Bogart in African Queen (1951) Questions about what matters, and why, and what exists in the world, are quintessentially philosophical. The answers to many … Continue reading Natural-born existentialists

Ancient Egypt was ruled by a GIANT

Ancient Egypt pharaoh was a giant. Charles Samuel Myers – Myers, Charles S. (1901), “The Bones of Hen Nekht, an Egyptian King of the Third Dynasty“, Man 131: 152–153. via Wikipedia By Strange Sounds Myths abound with stories of giants, from the frost and fire giants of Norse legends to the Titans who warred with the gods in ancient Greek mythology. However, giants are more than just legend. The supposed remains of Sa-Nakht, a pharaoh of ancient Egypt, may be the oldest known human giant. As part of ongoing research into mummies, scientists investigated a skeleton found in 1901 in a tomb near Beit Khallaf in Egypt with an … Continue reading Ancient Egypt was ruled by a GIANT

What science says about why we get déjà vu

It’s one of the oddest sensations. ian dooley / Unsplash by Lindsay Dodgson About 70% of the population experience déjà vu. It’s the sense of familiarity that feels misplaced because you know you haven’t experienced the same thing before. Psychologists and neuroscientists have come up with several different theories over the years for why we experience the strange sensation. It’s one of the oddest sensations. That feeling where you are in a new situation, or a completely new environment, but you get an intense feeling of familiarity. For no apparent reason, you feel like you’re reliving a past experience. It’s called … Continue reading What science says about why we get déjà vu

Is Aspartame In Diet Coke Causing Trump To Act As He Does? What 12 Cans A Day Do To You

image edited by Fernando Kaskais  (CNN)President Donald Trump downs a dozen Diet Cokes each day, The New York Times reported this weekend. His love of the bubbly beverage is shared by many Americans and at least one of his predecessors. President Bill Clinton was frequently photographed with a can in his hand and reportedly placed a Diet Coke — along with a now-outdated cell phone and other items — in a time capsule at his official presidential library. A 12 Diet Cokes-a-day habit like Trump’s is worth changing By Susan Scutti, CNN So, what happens to those who drink a dozen cans daily … Continue reading Is Aspartame In Diet Coke Causing Trump To Act As He Does? What 12 Cans A Day Do To You


Images edited by Fernando Kaskais Hell may be the most interesting part of Dante’s famous poem, but its physical existence has always been a topic of debate among philosophers and theologians. If either space or time is finite—a distinct possibility in our current theories of cosmology—how can there be room for a potentially infinite number of sinners for eternity? In what he admits is a speculative proposal, University of Edinburgh philosopher Alasdair Richmond suggests that a hell large enough for an infinite number of the damned could be contained within the boundaries of a finite space, and could provide infinitely-long … Continue reading HILBERT’S INFERNO

How Sex Affects Your Heart, by the Numbers

The more you pump, the better it pumps by Andrew Fiouzi If you’ve ever ruminated on your own death, chances are you’ve considered a massive heart attack mid-orgasm while being ridden reverse cowgirl as a preferable way to go. But how likely is that, really? Let’s take a look at a few ways that sex affects the health of your heart. Despite the cliché, you should pretty much never worry about having a heart attack during sex. According to research out of Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, while sudden cardiac arrest results in more than 300,000 deaths each year in the U.S., fewer than … Continue reading How Sex Affects Your Heart, by the Numbers