And all your other most pressing questions for adult film legend Tasha Reign by Tasha Reign Every day, porn star and University of Southern California journalism grad student Tasha Reign wakes up to a curious string of emails from her fans, a devoted group of men and women she lovingly refers to as “Reigndeer.” Said Reigndeer ask her questions — so many questions — about her perspectives on sex, love, relationships and life itself, and as someone who’s had more firsthand experience in these areas than four average adult women combined, she’s become uniquely up to the task of answering them. Every … Continue reading DO PORN STARS ACTUALLY ENJOY SEX ON SET, OR ARE THEY JUST PRETENDING?

The woman subject

Detail from Group of Three Girls (1911), Egon Schiele. Courtesy the Albertina Museum, Vienna There is more that unites than divides analytic and continental feminist philosophies – not least efforts to define ‘woman’ by Georgia Warnke is distinguished professor of political science and director of the Center for Ideas and Society at the University of California, Riverside. She is the author of Debating Sex and Gender (2010). She lives in California. Edited by Sam Dresser Although academic philosophy divides itself into continental and analytic strands, it is not entirely clear how this division is meant to work. For one thing, it pits a continent against … Continue reading The woman subject

Women fear violence. Men? Ridicule.

In her new Netflix special, Amy Schumer gets real about fear. by DEREK BERES In Growing, Amy Schumer says women fear violence most, while for men it’s ridicule. She points to grade school, when boys being violent to girls is supposed to represent courting. About 91 percent of rape victims are women, creating a fear in women that men rarely have to endure. A recent photo series on the Instagram feed, historycoolkids, features Mexican actress Maty Huitrón walking through Mexico City in 1953. First your eyes spot the stunning thespian, followed immediately by the framing: leering, gawking, even violent expressions by men … Continue reading Women fear violence. Men? Ridicule.

The Problem of Sexual Shame

We have collectively grown highly attuned to the problems associated with a lack of shame around sex: with a decadent culture in which it seems that everything goes, where the atmosphere is often overly explicit and where some people get badly hurt by the unwanted and aggressive attentions of others. It could seem – therefore – a little odd, even indulgent, to bring up the problem of sexual shame, that is, to discuss the intense mental suffering generated by embarrassment about our desires and bodies, by a feeling of not being physically acceptable and by a self-disgust and terror at the idea … Continue reading The Problem of Sexual Shame

The Psychology Behind Makeup Sex, According To Science

 BY TAYI SANUSI No matter how well a relationship is going, sooner or later, it’s only natural for a disagreement to surface. Although getting into fights with a partner can feel awful in the moment, it turns out there’s a solid link between conflict and sexual arousal that may explain why the subsequent makeup sex is so good. To understand the psychology behind makeup sex, it’s first important to understand what happens in our brains when we’re in the midst of a fight. “When couples argue, as we know, emotions can run high,” social, personality and developmental psychologist Samantha Joel Ph.D. wrote in … Continue reading The Psychology Behind Makeup Sex, According To Science

Here’s What You Need To Know About Endometriosis And Fertility

Getty “I feel like I’m a bit of a ticking time bomb,” one woman told BuzzFeed News by Gina Rushton More than 700,000 Australian women have endometriosis, in which cells similar to those that line the uterus grow outside of the uterus, leading to all sorts of symptoms including debilitating pain. Up to a quarter of women with endometriosis are asymptomatic, but most experience dysmenorrhea (painful periods), chronic pelvic pain and painful sexual intercourse, and between 30% and 50% of endometriosis patients struggle with infertility. Endometriosis and infertility “go hand in hand” says Melbourne-based advanced laparoscopic and gynaecology surgeon Dr Kenneth … Continue reading Here’s What You Need To Know About Endometriosis And Fertility

What Is A Cervical Orgasm?

by Jenni’s blog G-Spot – Check Clitoral – Check Blended – Check Cervical – Is this a smear test? Cervical orgasms remain a mystery to many women. Often approached with caution, the cervix evokes thoughts of pain for many, however it can be a point of pleasure and even orgasm. The cervix is located at the very top of the vaginal canal and can be stimulated by deep penetration. Cervical orgasm involves a lot of warm up with the cervix often feeling overly sensitive or painful on first touch. Cervical orgasms feel more powerful and consuming, spreading deeper through the body. Cervical orgasms are reported … Continue reading What Is A Cervical Orgasm?