Seduction, Inc

Photo by Cultura/REX/Shutterstock The pickup industry mates market logic with the arts of seduction – turning human intimacy into hard labour by Rachel O’Neill is a fellow in the department of Media and Communications at London School of Economics and Political Science. She is the author of Seduction: Men, Masculinity and Mediated Intimacy (2018). She lives in London. Edited by Sally Davies Striding from the back of the conference room, the trainer calls for our attention. He asks everyone to explain why they’re here. The first student stands up: ‘I’ve come to get hands-on experience.’ After a pause, he adds: ‘Obviously, if I get … Continue reading Seduction, Inc

How Depression & Anxiety Killed My Sex Drive

ILLUSTRATED BY EMILY ZIRIMIS. By Amanda Chatel I suffer from depression. It’s not the occasional feeling of the blues that everyone experiences after a breakup or career disappointment; major depression consists of persistent, severe symptoms like anxiety, fatigue and feelings of emptiness and hopelessness. Although I wasn’t diagnosed with major depressive disorder until my mid-20s, I’ve dealt with depression my entire life. I’ve learned to manage my depression with medication and therapy, but it’s still a daily ordeal, with some days being worse than others. It’s when I have those dark days that everything seems like a chore, even sex. My partner, although … Continue reading How Depression & Anxiety Killed My Sex Drive

How To Use Color Psychology In Your Relationship

ByKRISTINE FELLIZAR You may not realize it, but color can have a way of influencing your mood and choices. In fact, many big brands use color psychology in their branding and marketing to influence consumers. For instance, the color red is commonly associated with passion, excitement, and urgency, so retailers tend to use the color to signal sales. According to experts, you can apply psychology to things that matter to you. If you’re looking to attract someone or keep your relationship interesting, there are colors for that. “Color psychology deals with the emotional and mental response that people have in the presence of color,” Joseph Rosenfeld, … Continue reading How To Use Color Psychology In Your Relationship


by Isabelle Kohn Or: How not to get caught and end up on the sex-offender list On June 12, 2017, 68-year-old Peggy Klemm had very public sex with a man 20 years her junior against the wall of a bait shack in her suburban Florida retirement community. According to the police report, horrified onlookers called 911 to report the “emergency,” which climaxed a bit differently than Klemm might have intended — she was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. At her sentencing hearing, Klemm, who has 14 grandchildren, blew a kiss to her husband (different guy) and mouthed the words “I … Continue reading A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO PUBLIC SEX

Sexist men are likely to have mental health issues, researchers say

image edited by F. Kaskais A study of close to 20,000 men provides some stark conclusions on the relationship between male sexism and mental health. by PAUL RATNER New research, published by the American Psychological Association in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, suggests that men who exhibit sexist behavior are more likely to have mental health problems. “In general, individuals who conformed strongly to masculine norms tended to have poorer mental health and less favorable attitudes toward seeking psychological help, although the results differed depending on specific types of masculine norms,” said Professor Y. Joel Wong of Indiana University Bloomington, the study’s lead … Continue reading Sexist men are likely to have mental health issues, researchers say

Can relationship anarchy create a world without heartbreak?

Nurturing several relationships at once can empower us to build a life so rich that when we lose one love among many, we don’t feel as if we’ve lost ‘everything.’ by SOPHIE HEMERY Can you imagine a world without heartbreak? Not without sadness, disappointment or regret – but a world without the sinking, searing, all-consuming ache of lost love. A world without heartbreak is also a world where simple acts cannot be transformed, as if by sorcery, into moments of sublime significance. Because a world without heartbreak is a world without love – isn’t it? More precisely, it might be … Continue reading Can relationship anarchy create a world without heartbreak?


by Eddie Kim The need to spoil a partner has a lot to do with the way men view their role in modern culture — even as it inevitably changes I was all of 14 years old when I first felt the immediate, glowing rush of delivering a gift to someone I was endlessly infatuated with. I’d spent weeks grinding extra chores around the house and taking shifts in the prep kitchen of my parents’ restaurant after school, chopping cucumbers from a stack of 10-pound boxes for five bucks an hour. Now, in my hand, was the fruit of that labor: a … Continue reading WHY SOME MEN CAN’T STOP COMPULSIVELY SPENDING MONEY ON WOMEN