New Mexico Solar Observatory Shut Down And Evacuated By Armed FBI For ‘National Security’ Reasons Six MORE Solar Observatories Worldwide Were Also SHUT DOWN And Evacuated At Same Time! The Elite Know Something Is Happening And They Are Hiding Whatever It Is From The World Now Look At These Stunning Video And Photo Stories About The Sudden FBI Military Grade Shutdown And Evacuation Of At Least Seven Solar Observatories Worldwide FBI Says The NM Observatory Was Shut Down And EVACUATED For ‘National Security’ What Could That Mean? What Is Being HIDDEN From The World? Indiana Woman’s Photos Show Enormous Disc … Continue reading WHAT THE FUCK ?

I Don’t Believe in Aliens Anymore

COLIN BRALEY / REUTERS Humanity must learn to find meaning without relying on gods or extraterrestrials. by MICHAEL W. CLUNE Ever since the Renaissance, the sciences have dealt human beings a steady stream of humiliations. The Copernican revolution dismantled the idea that humanity stood at the center of the universe. A cascade of discoveries from the late-18th to the early-20th century showed that humanity was a lot less significant than some had imagined. The revelation of the geological timescale stacked millions and billions of years atop our little cultural narratives, crumbling all of human history to dust. The revelation that … Continue reading I Don’t Believe in Aliens Anymore

Our Attitude Toward Aliens Proves We Still Think We’re Special

Why we downplay Fermi’s paradox. BY MILAN ĆIRKOVIĆ “How many kingdoms know us not!” —Blaise Pascal, Thoughts (1670) One summer’s day in 1950, the great Italian-American physicist Enrico Fermi was having lunch with the physicists Edward Teller, Emil Konopinski, and Herbert York at Los Alamos when the conversation turned to a flood of recent UFO sightings all over the United States. There were also, coincidentally, reports of trashcans going missing in New York City at the time. A New Yorker cartoon connected the dots and accused interstellar visitors of the misdeed. In the relaxed atmosphere of that lunchtime conversation, Fermi remarked that the New Yorker’s … Continue reading Our Attitude Toward Aliens Proves We Still Think We’re Special

But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens?

BETTMANN / GETTY Humanity may be as few as 10 years away from discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life. Once we do, it will only deepen the mystery of where alien intelligence might be hiding. by DEREK THOMPSON Enrico Fermi was an architect of the atomic bomb, a father of radioactivity research, and a Nobel Prize–winning scientist who contributed to breakthroughs in quantum mechanics and theoretical physics. But in the popular imagination, his name is most commonly associated with one simple, three-word question, originally meant as a throwaway joke to amuse a group of scientists discussing UFOs at the Los Alamos … Continue reading But, Seriously, Where Are the Aliens?

What if ET is an AI?

The Little Sombrero galaxy NGC 7814.Photo courtesy ESA/Hubble & NASA After centuries searching for extraterrestrial life, we might find that first contact is not with organic creatures at all by Caleb Scharf is director of astrobiology at Columbia University in New York. He is the author of Extrasolar Planets and Astrobiology (2009), which won the Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award. His latest book is The Zoomable Universe: An Epic Tour Through Cosmic Scale, from Almost Everything to Nearly Nothing (2017). by Edited by Pam Weintraub We have a problem. In a 10-billion-year-old galaxy there should have been ample opportunity for at least one species to escape its … Continue reading What if ET is an AI?

F-18 fighter plane captures stunning UFO on video… government admits UFO research is real

by: Ethan Huff (Natural News) Following the release of a new report from The New York Times (NYT) about efforts by the United States government to investigate unidentified flying objects (UFOs) as a potential threat to national security, some amazing video footage has now been released suggesting that this threat may be more imminent than previously thought. There have been at least two separate incidents now in which a U.S. Navy F/A-18 fighter jet apparently captured infrared video footage of what appears to be UFOs flying around in space. The one video contains audio of a conversation between the pilot and his weapons officer, both … Continue reading F-18 fighter plane captures stunning UFO on video… government admits UFO research is real