Does Living at Home Make Me Less of a Man?

I’m about to turn 27 and still sleep in my childhood bedroom. I consider it a shrewd financial move, but plenty of others believe it makes me more of a child than an adult. by Hussein Kesvani A couple of weeks ago, I visited an old friend and his wife. They were hosting a dinner party in their newly-built flat in West London. Over roasted vegetables and tagine, they talked about the stresses that came with moving into their new place — the minutiae of picking out curtains, sofas and cutlery as well as the arduous decision of whether or not they wanted to replace … Continue reading Does Living at Home Make Me Less of a Man?

If You’re Crushingly Lonely, You’re Not Alone

by Tracy Moore The U.K. has even appointed a ‘Minister for Loneliness’ Bad news first: Turns out we are all, each of us, in some way or another, totally alone. Not just in the existential sense that death is unfortunately a single-seat ticket to the terrifyingly unknown next level, but it’s now understood that standard-issue loneliness for living, breathing beings is “the sad reality of modern life.” That’s according to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, who told The New York Times that in response to the finding that some 9 million Brits are often or always lonely, she has appointed a Minister of Loneliness to … Continue reading If You’re Crushingly Lonely, You’re Not Alone

British woman now carries her “heart” around in a backpack after an AMAZING life-saving surgery

January 03, 2018 by: JD Heyes (Natural News) There is an expression that some people ‘carry their heart on their sleeve,’ which means those people tend to openly display their deepest thoughts and emotions. But one British woman literally carries her heart on her back — in a backpack — following an amazing, first-ever surgery at one of the world’s top hospitals. As reported by the U.K.’s Daily Mail, 39-year-old Selwa Hussain, a mother of two, was feeling out of breath and weak some six months ago when she barely made it to her car to drive about 200 yards down the road to … Continue reading British woman now carries her “heart” around in a backpack after an AMAZING life-saving surgery

The empire dreamt back

‘The oppressive force in this case was neither a class nor a generation but the British empire itself.’ A British officer in India receives a pedicure from an Indian servant. Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images To help rule its empire, Britain turned to psychoanalysis. But they weren’t willing to hear the truth it told by Erik Linstrum is assistant professor in the department of history at the University of Virginia. He is the author of Ruling Minds: Psychology in the British Empire (2016) and is now writing a history of colonial violence in post-1945 Britain. Every state needs to know about the people it … Continue reading The empire dreamt back

Porn in A Place Where Sitting On Someone’s Face is Illegal

by Lynsey G A night-vision camera blurs across a nondescript outdoor space where a car is parked, the video picking up just as the door is opened. Inside sits a young blonde woman, her lacy bra pulled down to reveal her breasts and her tight skirt hiked up to reveal similarly lacy panties. In the camera’s green glow, she lazily exits the car, showing off her body to several men who have gathered around and who are openly masturbating. One appears much older; another appears to be wearing sweat pants. The cameraman, amazed at what he’s seeing, whispers breathlessly, “She’s … Continue reading Porn in A Place Where Sitting On Someone’s Face is Illegal

What Jesus, Judas and Nutella can tell us about women’s bodies

‘A ludicrously charismatic presence’: Lucy McCormick in Triple Threat. Photograph: Tamsin Drury by Deborah Orr Lucy McCormick’s taboo-busting show depicts religion as a female-marginalising death cult – and does it hilariously. Though some feminists may find it difficult It’s rare to see a truly avant garde performer – one so effortlessly boundary-busting that you can hardly believe your eyes and ears – who is also at home in the mainstream. It’s also rare when the performer is hilarious. But Lucy McCormick is one such artist. Her show Triple Threat (the theatrical term, I’m reliably informed, for a performance that involves singing, … Continue reading What Jesus, Judas and Nutella can tell us about women’s bodies


BY PAUL COLEMAN WRITER AND LAWYER Both the EU and post-EU Britain are throttling the liberty to think. Hhead of spiked’s conference in central London next Wednesday – ‘Enemies of the State: Religious Freedom and the New Repression’ – Paul Coleman asks if Britain outside of the EU will be any more respectful of freedom of thought and speech. It has been argued that Brexit will make us freer. Not just in an economic or political sense, but also in terms of individual civil liberties. spiked’s Mick Hume wrote that ‘the referendum result is a triumph for free speech and a … Continue reading THE EUROPEAN ASSAULT ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH