The Russian Plot to Control Your Mindfulness

Posts by the Kremlin-run Facebook page Mindful Being What a faux-spiritual Facebook page run by Kremlin propagandists can teach us about encountering our own biases and emotional reactions. By Bodhipaksa Most people are aware of the Kremlin’s attempts to influence voters in the US and Europe, but the fact that one of the avenues for this influence was mindfulness may come as a surprise. Among Russia’s many fake social media accounts was a Facebook page called “Mindful Being,” which cleverly mixed legitimate spiritual teachings with material intended to make us more receptive to authoritarianism. Russian operatives deciding that mindfulness, a way … Continue reading The Russian Plot to Control Your Mindfulness


New Mexico Solar Observatory Shut Down And Evacuated By Armed FBI For ‘National Security’ Reasons Six MORE Solar Observatories Worldwide Were Also SHUT DOWN And Evacuated At Same Time! The Elite Know Something Is Happening And They Are Hiding Whatever It Is From The World Now Look At These Stunning Video And Photo Stories About The Sudden FBI Military Grade Shutdown And Evacuation Of At Least Seven Solar Observatories Worldwide FBI Says The NM Observatory Was Shut Down And EVACUATED For ‘National Security’ What Could That Mean? What Is Being HIDDEN From The World? Indiana Woman’s Photos Show Enormous Disc … Continue reading WHAT THE FUCK ?


by Isaac Davis, Staff Writer Waking Times  The U.S. government has a long and despicable history of experimentation on the public, often causing extreme harm and even the deaths of unsuspecting citizens. Even as recently as this year it was revealed that the government is still conducting classified experiments on people. It has been proven time and again that the feds can be ruthless out outright evil in the pursuit of their goals. Rewind now to the prohibition era of the early 20th century when the feds waged a pitiless battle against the sale, transport and consumption of alcohol from 1920-1933. During this time, … Continue reading DURING PROHIBITION GOVERNMENT POISONED ALCOHOL KILLED AS MANY AS 10,000 AMERICANS


Photo by Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg via Getty For big pharma, the perfect patient is wealthy, permanently ill and a daily pill-popper. Will medicine ever recover? by Clayton Dalton is a medical resident at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. He attended medical school at Columbia University. Edited by Pam Weintraub Just a few years ago, infection with the hepatitis C virus guaranteed a slow and certain death for many. Available treatments were effective in about half of all patients, and the side effects could be awful. Things changed in 2014, when a new medication called Harvoni was approved to treat the infection. With … Continue reading Chronic


by Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times —All right, look, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll take a few general symptoms like fatigue, fever, and swelling, and we’ll invent one new disease label that covers them. We’ll say this is a specific new disease and we’re looking for the cause. Of course, there is no single cause because this isn’t a single disease. It’s a vague generality. But since we control the disease label, the name, we can convince everyone that this is a specific and real disease. It’s a total con, but we can sell it— Over the years, my readers have seen … Continue reading WHO OWNS DISEASES?


by Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times This is fundamental in many ways but the solution may surprise most. Nothing is as it appears. Nothing. The answers lie in the observer and within each of our grasps. But it requires some serious personal work and true honest evaluation of many profound things. Mainly ourselves, at levels many may have not yet begun to fully perceive. The ultimate challenge and final frontier…. What is the truth? What do we base what we call truth on? When it comes to information we tend to trust what we consider “reliable sources”. And just where do they … Continue reading THE PUSH ME, PULL YOU SOCIO-PSYCHOLOGICAL TAFFY MACHINE


by Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times Over the years, the description of the tyrants and psychopaths that so often occupy positions of power in our world has evolved, and today it is fashionable to refer to this nebulous group by using the term ‘Evil Cabal.’ Language is perhaps the most important device we have for creating reality, and just as George Orwell knew, the more linguistically vague, simplistic, ambiguous and nondescript the language, the more room there is to shape perception. This is called Newspeak, and in the case of the ‘Evil Cabal,’ the term fails to fully describe our complex world, but succeeds tremendously in maintaining … Continue reading HOW YOU CAN UNDERMINE THE ‘EVIL CABAL’