Psychology is in a crisis. But not the one you’re thinking of

Can we still have faith in psychology in the face of the ‘replication crisis’? Perhaps, but the field has a much larger problem to tackle. By Dr Lisa Feldman-Barrett The last few years have seen a lot of discussion about a ‘replication crisis’ or ‘credibility crisis’ in psychology. Various scientific findings, it seems, don’t appear to be repeatable when other scientists run exactly the same experiments. Most of the focus in this crisis is on how scientists behave: were the original experiments biased? Was the work sloppy? Was someone gaming the system or even cheating? But perhaps a more pernicious problem is … Continue reading Psychology is in a crisis. But not the one you’re thinking of

Debate Erupts (Again) Over Women’s Libido Drugs

A meta-analysis prompted calls for researchers to disentangle horniness from hype. But understanding desire isn’t easy. BY TERESA CARR IN THE FALL of 2016, sex therapist and researcher Leonore Tiefer shuttered the New View Campaign, an organization she had founded to combat what she refers to as “the medicalization of sex” — essentially, the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to define variations in sexuality and sexual problems as medical issues requiring a drug fix. For 16 years, the group had fought against industry’s involvement in sex research, including its push for a drug to boost women’s sex drives. New View hosted conferences and its members … Continue reading Debate Erupts (Again) Over Women’s Libido Drugs