You Are Already Here

Photo by Roman Kraft | Life is very difficult to understand through ideas alone, wrote Dainin Katagiri, the late abbot of the Minnesota Zen Center. But there is one thing that you can trust in: you are fully alive right now. By Dainin Katagiri Roshi In daily human life we are always encountering some problem, contradiction, or confusion. So very naturally we want to escape from problems and find a better way of living. Seeking a calm mind, we study philosophy, psychology, religion, even physics and mathematics, believing they can show us who we are and what the meaning of … Continue reading You Are Already Here


byVic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times “I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” ~Chamath Palihapitiya In a recent talk with the Stanford Graduate School of Business, former vice-president of user growth for Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya, made some rather startling comments about the impact Facebook and social media are having on human culture.  He acknowledged feeling ‘tremendous guilt’ about his involvement with Facebook, citing the fact that the technology is so widely used that it is actually affecting how human beings interact with one another, upending our entire cultural history of communication. When asked what ‘soul-searching’ … Continue reading ANOTHER FACEBOOK EXECUTIVE ISSUES WARNING ABOUT ITS DISASTROUS EFFECT ON PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIETY

The Unconscious Mind’s Role In Your Life

The Enormous Power of the Unconscious Brain A lot of the things we do in everyday life don’t need to involve our conscious mind. In many cases, the more we use it, the less effective we become. By Chris Baraniuk If you don’t think the act of stacking and shuffling a set of cups could boggle your mind, watch the video below. In it, neuroscientist David Eagleman introduces 10-year-old Austin Naber – a world record-holding, champion cup stacker. Naber moves the cups around at a blistering pace and when Eagleman has a go at keeping up with him, the difference in … Continue reading The Unconscious Mind’s Role In Your Life

How Far Can You Abstract a Map?

Morphology, an exploratory cartographic tool, turns the whole world into swoops and lines. BY CARA GIAIMO A well-known city, viewed in Morphology. ALL IMAGES COURTESY GERALDINE SARMIENTO/MAPZEN CAN YOU GUESS WHICH CITY is depicted above? If you look closely, there are plenty of clues: the big arterial river, the blocky buildings crowded onto the pier, the carefully plotted streets overlaid by the occasional loop of highway. Do you have it? This is Chicago, Illinois, as viewed in Morphology, an exploratory cartographic tool on the Mapzen platform that eschews common communicative elements like color and symbols. Instead, it seeks to show the world, and all its constituent parts, as … Continue reading How Far Can You Abstract a Map?


by Christina Sarich, Staff Writer Waking Times Scientists stuck in the materialist, Newtonian conception of the Universe believe that human consciousness is only 3,000 years old. I would like to put this nonsensical notion to rest, with my own limited consciousness, yet one that has been around for eons, which I will support with ample evidence. Julian Jaynes wrote in 1976 in “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind,” that human consciousness only came to be 3,000 years ago. He also asserts that this timeframe explains when humans first developed spoken language. Before I argue against these absurdities, I … Continue reading HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS IS FAR MORE THAN 3,000 YEARS OLD


Kingsley L. Dennis, Contributor Waking Times The sacred, the sublime, has always walked amongst the profane. The signs are everywhere, blended into the sidewalks, pulp fictions, and the kitsch trappings of the art world. For iconic sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, most of the sublime things of his world were disguised as trash that seamlessly slipped into the background of a dysfunctional world reality. The seeming trash of the everyday mundane clashed with incoming cosmic mutterings that have found their way into much of our popular culture. “Science fiction is always more important than science.’ ~Timothy Leary In the US especially, a … Continue reading COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS & OUTER SPACES IN POPULAR CULTURE

We are in Training to Be Nobody Special

Photo by Rodrigo Soldon | A writer and Buddhist teacher reflects on the lessons she’s learned about not insisting on her specialness. By Sandy Boucher In the dining room of the meditation hall where I first encountered Buddhist practice, a stuffed green and scarlet parrot hung from the ceiling. It gripped a sign in its beak that read, “We are in training to be nobody special.” I was taken aback. Hmmmm, I thought, isn’t that counterintuitive? Isn’t it kind of special to have found the dharma, to have the chance to learn how to meditate and encounter the Buddhist teachings? And out … Continue reading We are in Training to Be Nobody Special