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Resultado de imagem para images A North Atlantic right whale mother and calf (A North Atlantic right whale mother and calf (Eubalaena glacialis) off the Atlantic coast of Florida. Photo by Brian Skerry/National Geograp

Trees lay down rings, the Earth tells its story in geological strata and now we’ve found the secret archive of the whale

Rebecca Kessler is an editor at the environmental news website Mongabay.com and previously worked as a senior editor at Natural History. She is based in Providence, Rhode Island. 

‘It’s hard to believe that a 40-ton animal can get hidden. They’re sneaky.’ Charles ‘Stormy’ Mayo was scanning the sea from the deck of the R/V Shearwater searching for omens: a cloud of vapour, a patch of white water, a fluke. A few minutes earlier someone had spotted the first North Atlantic right whales of the day. But now they were down below and out of sight in 80 feet of murky seawater. Feeding, most likely.

Finally, a whale’s head emerged briefly on the sea surface. Then a slab of black back followed by the silhouette of flukes, signaling another deep dive. The appearance lasted maybe a second and a half. Groans from the crew, who did not quite manage to snap a photo that could help identify the whale, one of an early March influx that foretold another strong season in Cape Cod Bay. ‘There’s probably a bunch of whales here but it’s going to drive us crazy,’ Mayo chimed in. ‘I’m going to say there are probably three. It’s hard as hell to tell.’

The world’s rarest whales – Eubalaena glacialis – have been visiting the bay in late winter and early spring for as long as anyone can remember. But Mayo and his team at the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) in Provincetown documented a puzzling uptick in recent years. Not just a few dozen animals, as was typical, but hundreds were showing up and, in one year, darn-near two-thirds of the world’s entire living population of around 500 North Atlantic right whales. ‘Right Whale Kingdom’ Mayo has called the bay. Simultaneously, the whales went AWOL from their usual summer feeding grounds 300 miles to the northeast in Canada’s Bay of Fundy and elsewhere, further mystifying researchers.

The Shearwater idled, waiting. The whales remained deep down, scooping up patches of zooplankton and straining out the seawater through the long strips of baleen in their mouths. Scooping and straining, scooping and straining. A change in the location of their preferred food is the most likely explanation for the whales’ wandering itinerary, Mayo said. Something is shifting out there in the ocean. As with so much else about their lives, only the whales know what it is.

Mayo co-founded CCS in 1976 and now directs its right whale research programme. For 30-odd years, he and scientists at a number of other institutions have amassed a remarkable body of evidence on these whales. They have employed time-tested observation methods from boats and planes to document the right whales’ demographics, movements, behaviour, biology and diet, and to catalogue sightings of individual whales. They’ve creatively investigated the whales’ genetics, health and sensory capabilities, all to figure out how to improve the critically endangered species’ chances of survival. Mayo told me that all this work, focused on a skimpy population, has made the North Atlantic right whale the most intensively researched whale on Earth, per individual animal. But whales are notoriously tricky to study, and many mysteries persist.

If the whale could speak, it could tell us about its experience as it plies thousands of ocean miles, mates, bears its calves, eats zooplankton, meets its challenges and, eventually, its end. It can’t, of course, but scientists have found that biochemical traces of some of its experiences persist in its body, even long after death. Just as geologists decode the history of the Earth from rocky strata, or dendrochronologists interpret past climactic conditions from tree rings, so biologists are now learning to read a whale’s life history as inscribed in its baleen. This anatomical oddity, part of a class of animal tissues that are emerging as tenacious biological recordkeepers, could reveal a monthly, even weekly, historical record of a whale’s life events stretching back as long as two decades. Just how much it will tell us remains to be seen…






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Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs


(NaturalNews) In a move that is casting some serious doubt on assumptions about reproduction that have been held for centuries, scientists have just managed to breed mice without the need for fertilized eggs.

The team of embryologists at the UK’s University of Bath injected sperm into embryos and successfully spurred full-term development. One of the researchers, Tony Perry, told the Telegraph: “Our work challenges that dogma, held since early embryologists first observed mammalian eggs in around 1827 and observed fertilisation 50 years later, that only an egg cell fertilised with a sperm cell can result in a live mammalian birth.”

This means that a fertilized egg might not actually be the only thing that can divide and bring about life after all, and it also indicates that an egg cell is not the only type of cell that can reprogram sperm to spur embryonic development. This opens up the possibility of using other types of cells to accomplish this feat.

Until now, it was believed that a female egg was the only thing that could incite the changes in sperm needed to create a baby, because eggs form a specific type of cell division wherein only half of the number of chromosomes get carried over. Sperm cells also form in this way, so when an egg and sperm meet, they are able to form the full genetic quota; half of the DNA comes from the mother and the other half from the father.

The researchers took unfertilized eggs from female mice and managed to coax them into becoming a sort of “pseudo-embryo” called a parthenogenote, and the experiment reported a success rate of 24 percent. All of the resultant pups seem to be perfectly healthy, and some of them have gone on to have pups of their own in the traditional way. These subsequent generations also noted similar life expectancies.

This success rate compares quite favorably to the 1 to 2 percent success rate noted using the controversial cloning method of transferring DNA to donated eggs made famous by Dolly the Sheep.

Speaking to the Guardian, Perry said: “What we’re talking about are different ways of making embryos. Imagine that you could take skin cells and make embryos from them? This would have all kinds of utility.”

How could this fertilization method be used?

This technique could allow for a number of possibilities. For example, gay couples would be able to create a child who has the DNA of one half of each of them, although they would still need the services of a woman to actually carry the baby.

Women who face fertility issues
as a result of radiotherapy would still be able to have their own children, as would women who are older and experiencing a decline in egg quality. It is also believed that the technique could help preserve endangered species. When non-egg cells are used there won’t be any need to recover eggs, so this could help keep certain species in existence longer.

There’s even a chance that a man could have his own child with his own sperm and cells, and the child would be akin to a non-identical twin, although it’s hard to imagine why anyone would ever feel compelled to do such a thing.

Mother Nature doesn’t usually take kindly to interference

Of course, any time you interfere with nature, all sorts of things could go wrong. One need only take the example of genetically modified crops and the host of problems they are causing to the health of humans and animals as well as the environment at large. This process could also ultimately open up some ethical and legal concerns depending on just how far the scientists are able to take it, how it is tested, and how it is actually used.

Sources include:





Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055473_fertilization_reproduction_eggs.html#ixzz4Ldll089T




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The One Psychological Characteristic That Online Trolls Tend to Share

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Fabio Freitas e Silva

By Kali Holloway / AlterNet

Trolling has literally changed culture, both online and off. The word is now used to categorize a wide and varying swath of behaviors, from absurdist contrarian comment posts, to harassment and abuse disproportionately aimed at women of all races and people of color, to entire presidential campaigns. There now exist troll scholars, many of whom have been studying trolls for years, and an academic area of study, trollology. That’s evidence of just how widespread trolling is, and how it’s sparked a sort of anthropological interest in troll behavior and culture. The question for non-trolls is, behind the layer of protective anonymity, what lies at the core of the troll psyche. The findings of a few studies suggest that trolls who are mean-spirited and manipulative online have offline personalities to match, and that insecurity drives a fair amount of their trollery.

Case in point are two 2014 studies from Canada’s University of Manitoba that looked at the personalities of some 1,200 people who engage in trolling, which the researchers described as “behaving in a deceptive, destructive, or disruptive manner in a social setting on the internet” for seemingly no purpose at all. (The trolls would likely say they do it for the “lulz,” or laughs that come at another person’s expense.)

In the first study, participants were given tests measuring sadistic tendencies to get a feel for how much they enjoyed hurting other people. One a scale of 1 to 5, those surveyed were asked to rate the extent to which they agreed with statements like, “hurting people is exciting’’ and, ‘‘I enjoy hurting people.’’ They were also posed questions that gauged their levels of psychopathy, and asked about fairly mundane things, like the amount of time they spend on the internet and their favorite online activities (with trolling given as one option). The second study “assessed trolling behavior, identification and enjoyment” along a rating scale, along with a few other things.

“Both studies revealed similar patterns of relations between trolling and the Dark Tetrad of personality: trolling correlated positively with sadism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism,” the researchers wrote. In other words, those who took part in trolling generally enjoyed watching others suffer, were pathologically self-absorbed and lacked “conscience and empathy.”

“Of all personality measures, sadism showed the most robust associations with trolling and, importantly, the relationship was specific to trolling behavior,” study authors note. “Enjoyment of other online activities, such as chatting and debating, was unrelated to sadism. Thus cyber-trolling appears to be an internet manifestation of everyday sadism… Both trolls and sadists feel sadistic glee at the distress of others. Sadists just want to have fun… and the internet is their playground!”

A 2015 collaborative study from the University of New South Wales and Miami University found that male trolls who exhibited sexism in gaming, hurling misogynist threats and insults at women online, were particularly likely to be among the crappy players. The scientists observed players in the online first-person shooter game Halo 3, and found that the success of male players informed how they behaved toward women.

“Men who were of lower skill were more positive towards men and more negative towards women,” Michael Kasumovic, one of the study authors, told Wiredmagazine. “But the really neat result is that when men were of higher skill, they were much more positive to women.”…







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Real Size of Large Wonders of the World Are Put Into Perspective through Visual Comparisons

By Sara Barnes

It’s hard to understand just how big (or small) something truly is, especially when it appears in an unfamiliar context.Kevin Wisbith has put some exceptionally “large” things into perspective by placing them into situations where we have a better grip on scale. So for those of us who cannot conceptualize the true width of a B-2 Bomber or the world’s largest oil tanker, Wisbith’s comparisons will provide clarity and even surprise you.

The series of 10 images is called A Quick Perspective, and it’s a digital compilation featuring architecture, nature, science fiction, and design. Wisbith has done the math and seamlessly combined two disparate subjects for a head-scratching effect. Even if you have a vague idea of something’s size, seeing it in another context will change your perception of it. The Death Star, for instance, might seem massive on film, but it’s only a quarter the length of Florida. On that scale, it’s much less menacing!

Check out A Quick Perspective, with Wisbith’s original captions, below.

Above: The 2.6 Trillion Dollar Rock
The Dionysus asteroid is part of the Apollo asteroid belt. The Dionysus asteroid is estimated to be 1.5 km wide or 4921.26 feet. The value of the resources estimated to be within the asteroid is around $2,600,000,000,000. If the asteroid was placed above the Golden Gate Bridge, it wouldn’t even surpass the bridge span.

The Death Star
Although the Death Star doesn’t exist in reality, it’s truly the biggest and most bad-ass machine ever conceived. The Death Star’s estimated width is around 99 miles across, or around 1/4th the length of Florida.

The Mir Mine
The Mir Mine located in Russia is one of the deepest mines in the world. The official depth is 1,722 feet deep. If the 2nd tallest building in the United States, the Willis or Sears Tower which is 1,729 feet tall was placed in the mine, the tip would only stick out 7 feet past ground level.

B-2 Bomber
The B-2 Bomber is one of the worlds most advanced and most expensive airplanes in the world. What most people don’t realize is how big these things really are. The wingspan of a B-2 is 172 feet which is 12 feet wider than an NFL football field.

Worlds Largest Oil Tanker
The largest oil tanker ever produced was the Seawise Giant which spanned 1,504 feet. If placed in the main lake in New York’s Central Park it would only have 350 feet of extra room on the front and back.

The Titanic
When it was built the Titanic was one of the largest ships built. It’s total length was 882 feet and 9 inches long. Since then ship building has come a long way. The United States aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan is 1,092 feet long. If the Titanic was placed on the deck of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan the ship would have 210 feet of deck room left.

The M-1 Rocket Motor
The M-1 Rocket motor was designed back in the 1950s for the NASA space program and would have been the biggest motor ever built had it been constructed. It’s designed diameter was 14 feet, or wide enough to fully cover a Smart Car with 2 feet to spare on either side.

The Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis or (Breathing Scorpion)
Prehistoric bugs were larger than average day bugs due to the higher oxygen levels. The Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis was a species of scorpion that grew to 24 inches long, or the size of a normal house cat. Personally, I’m glad I these things don’t exist anymore. I’d never go outside ever again if they did.

Largest Radio Telescope in the World
As we continue the hunt for extraterrestrial life, we continue to build bigger and bigger telescopes. The biggest radio telescope to date is the Chinese Guizhou province telescope that is 1,600 feet in diameter. If placed in downtown Las Vegas it would cover half of The Mirage, all of the LINQ, all of Harrahs, and most of Venetian.

Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest standing structure in the world. It measures in at 2,722 feet tall. If placed in New York it would stretch almost 1,000 feet past the One World Trade center and almost 1,300 feet taller than the Empire State Building.

All images and captions via Kevin Wisbith.




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Inquisitorial Roots of the Insane War on Natural Medicine

natural medicine

By Brendan D. Murphy, Global Freedom Movement co-founder and author of The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality

This article (“Inquisitorial Roots of the Insane War on Natural Medicine”) is original copyrighted material belonging to Global Freedom Movement and may be re-posted freely in full, with proper  (clickable) attribution, with all hyperlinks, author bio, and this copyright statement intact.

In case you’re not aware, there is a not-entirely-covert war being waged by mainstream medicine (ably funded by Big Pharma) against all forms of natural medicine. Anything that non-toxically and non-invasively stimulates or capitalises on the body’s own programmed and innate healing mechanisms is not to be tolerated. Not only is it not to be tolerated, but it is to be attacked as viciously as (in)humanly possible, demonized, and crushed forever more.

Have you ever wondered just how far back this antipathy and irrational fear and loathing extends?

Some of you might point to the Rockefeller family and the incredible job they have done in destroying the reputations of all forms of natural medicine, as well as crushing all competitors using every (despicable) method possible. You’d be right, of course, in acknowledging their role, however, the ancient mental programs – “legacy programs” – that inhabit such imbalanced people and lead them to act in such tyrannical and violent ways are much older than David Rockefeller. He merely inherited them from a bygone age.

How much older are we talking?

Remember a little thing called the middle ages? Yeah, we can trace these predatory mental programs and agendas at LEAST that far back in time – right back to the Inquisition. Those were the heady days of witch hunting, mass torture, and Satan lurking around every corner.

The “wisest fool in Christendom” King James I, of Gunpowder Plot fame, published a book in 1597 (about eight years before Guy Fawkes’ failed Gunpowder Plot) called Daemonologie. James was a firm believer in witches and for a time viewed them as having supernatural powers – a view he later downgraded to seeing them instead as anti-social elements with subversive potential. The king’s helpful book detailed what kinds of “unlawful charms, without natural causes” were to be considered witchcraft:

I mean by such kind of charms as commonly daft wives use, for healing of forspoken [bewitched] goods, for preserving them from evil eyes, by knitting…sundry kinds of herbs to the hair of the goods; bycuring the worm, by stemming the blood, by healing of horse crooks…or doing such like innumerable things by words [think power of suggestion and hypnosis], without applying anything…to the part offended, as mediciners [physicians] do.1 (emphasis added)

As you can see, James had granted his inquisitors license to persecute traditional healers, herbalists; anyone who was merely continuing ancient folkloric traditions – whether they were effective and helpful or not was irrelevant. In fact, so rabid and blinded by hatred and irrational beliefs, were the clerics carrying out this persecution – which evinced a particular hostility towards the feminine, we might note – that they could twist genuine therapeutic efficacy according to their confirmation bias, such that it would merely have amounted to evidence of Satanic influence. The healer’s (grisly) fate would have been sealed regardless.

James’ ideological forebears Kramer and Sprenger, authors of the infamous Malleus Maleficarum (1486) had written:

[S]ince the devil is more powerful than a man, and a man can obstruct the generative powers by means of frigid herbs or anything else that can be thought of, therefore  much more can the devil do this, since he has greater knowledge and cunning.2

That devil was a clever lad. He could render a man impotent towards one woman in particular while leaving his lust for other women in tact through “his own power, or some herb or stone, or some occult natural means.”3 Thus, even humble garden herbs were potentially tools of those master genital puppeteers Satan and his minions. Buyer beware. Kramer and Sprenger wrote that witches who made potions or herbs as contraceptives were to be punished by “the extreme penalty,” meaning being tortured horrifically and killed either by fire or some other sadistic method. They also quoted Augustine of Hippo, another bright spark, who wrote in the early fifth century AD in City of God that “devils ensnare us by various kinds of stones and herbs and trees, animals, charms and ceremonies.”4

In a summation of Sprenger and Kramer’s mind-numbing work, Edo Nyland writes:

Open hunting season was declared on women, especially herb gatherers, midwives, widows and spinsters…It has been estimated by Dr. Marija Gimbutas, Professor of Archeology at the University of California, that as many as 9 million people, overwhelmingly women, were burned or hanged during the witch-craze.5

Thus, the strange origins of the war on natural medicine appear to go at least as far back as the middle ages. The targeted women were, of course, in league with Satan. Misogyny played a tremendous part in the Inquisition as the feminine principal was stamped out and disempowered as thoroughly as possible. In today’s climate, women and men who practice natural healing methods – whether chiropractic, herbalism, acupunture, detoxing and fasting, etc. –  are persecuted equally, so three cheers for progress, folks. Their sin is not doing “as mediciners do.” Their sin is deviating from the dogma of cut, poison/medicate, and burn. They are in league with nature and that is tantamount to being in league with the devil. The reason that mainstream medicine as an entity operates so much like a fanatical religion is simply because at its base, it is – and increasing numbers of medical doctors are in agreement.

n the USA the conspiracy against natural medicine / CAM has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt, so clear is the paper trail…






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Advanced Sigil Projection VI: Sex, Drugs, and Art


Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V

Of course, Robert Anton Wilson was my first introduction to Occult anything way back in the day. I’d read Castaneda several years before that point but, okay, here’s an interesting conversation. What I’m now referring to as psych magick is essentially a crossbreeding between the western esoteric tradition (chaos magick specifically) and the ritualistic ingestion of psychedelic compounds, aka shamanism. It’s about tweaking the set and setting of the psychedelic experience to maximize coherency, mainly through technology. And that’s where it differentiates itself from more traditional shamanic practices, which let’s face it, typically more involve communing with nature. This is about unlocking the keys to the human imagination and then effectively projecting these heightened states outwardly to influence the inward journey of others. Synthetic telepathy which eventually evolves into actual telepathy. It’ll all be within reach in time, and not that long a time in the grand scheme of things I imagine. So shamanism (I know I’m generalizing heavily with that term) often involves completely detaching yourself from the rich net of black energy that binds our culture together. Crackling dark energy, that’s how it’s been presented to me over and over in visions. This is the binding current of human behavior you’re trying to tap yourself into with magick. You want to dive into that shit and then calculatedly surf the spacewaves.

Urban shamanism in a way. The idea is to take whatever energy you can channel from the higher realms and use it to command these dark binding forces that have created the mind bending monstrosity that is modern culture. Not escaping the urban nightmare, transforming the current. Using it as a means of creation. Of course you would go about this momentous task by tuning into the higher perspective and purifying the intent of your practice in tune with the elevated perspectives you encounter. Of course. I certainly recommend Robert Monroe’s techniques for astral projection for expanding the potential of your dream states. Learning to expand and understand dream states is the most important skill any sorcerer can develop. It’s where the “magick happens” and how I got summoned into this shit in the first place (you’d have to read my books).

What I suppose differentiates me from most people I’ve found in say magick circles is that my practice, and the practice I’m recommending here revolves more around the ritualistic use of marijuana specifically, which I almost jokingly refer to as ganj-i-tation, but hell, it’s as good a term as any. With weed being legalized, and like the one thing we can agree on politically as a country right now, why I’m not seeing articles about this freaking everywhere I haven’t a clue. We’ve been that effectively hypnotized by mind control forces we don’t even begin to comprehend. I mean, we sort of understand, we just have zero clue how deep behind the curtain this shit actually hides. The current of weed meditation actually radiates fairly strong through some of the more prominent countercultural iconography. I mean, R.A.W.’s Cosmic Trigger 1 phase starts exploring this terrain. And despite Terrence McKenna gaining an increasing amount of fame in the post YouTube world, the narrative is typically all about the mushroom freakouts. When I saw him talk back in the 90’s, he went on and on about weed meditation. Of course I didn’t know at the time that he’d abandoned mushrooms entirely by that point in his life. And that’s my freaking point. Psychedelics are too taxing emotionally and spiritually to take super often. I mean, up to a point but eventually you’ve got scale back.

But life sucks every day. What we need is a way to make it not suck. To create states of what Jung referred to as “active imagination” on demand. To stop taking this shit too seriously. I’m pretty sure us taking shit too seriously is what’s fucking up the environment, and ourselves, and the environment (there’s a Mr. Show reference in that line but I couldn’t remember the exact sketch to link it). On the bright side, we’re starting to get to that point with legalized herb. I think the potentiality of marijuana to radically change consciousness is fairly understated at this point in human history. It can be used as a fairly potent hallucinogen, it just takes some effort and focus, which is of course what this series is all about. We need to push for psilocybin next, but now we’ve got to use what we’ve got. And this is where you’re getting back into more traditionally Occult territory. According to people like R.A.W. and Gary Lachman, the idea that weed can be used to aid astral projection goes way back in Occult circles. I have no clue where they’re getting that info from or if it’s remotely accurate, but I certainly ran with it, and can absolutely say, yeah, totally something there…






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In 2013 a Rothschild Insider Warned of an Elite Planned Race War in America


by Lucas Dare, Staff Writer, Waking Times

“I’ve just been told the current scenario is this whole race war thing… that’s the plan at the moment.” ~James Casbolt aka Michael Prince, May 2013

As if following a script or some explicit stage direction, the narrative of racism and division is being pushed by mainstream media, and the idea of an American race war is edging further into public consciousness. No one among the ranks of the citizenry stands to gain anything at all from a blood bath between blacks and whites, but here in 2016, we suddenly find ourselves on the precipice of such an apocalyptic clash.

Who benefits?

In 2013 James Casbolt, aka Michael Prince, a self-proclaimed Rothschild family insider explained to Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot how the world political elite were planning to catalyze a race war in America as part of a conspiracy to advance the agenda of depopulation, to destroy the black race, to further destabilize the nation, and to create the conditions necessary for martial law in the U.S.




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Leading environmentalist James Lovelock: Humans should save themselves, not the planet


Dr Lovelock is famed for his Gaia theory of the Earth as a self-regulating organism

‘Modern physicists even speculate that information may be the fundamental basis of the cosmos … if they are right, then our survival is crucial’

by Ian Johnston

James Lovelock, the pioneering scientist and environmental guru who came up with the Gaia theory of the Earth, believes it could be time for humanity to “save ourselves” – rather than the planet.

Writing in a forthcoming collection of essays by leading thinkers, called The Earth and I, Professor Lovelock warns that life on Earth is quite close to coming to an end, at least on a cosmic timescale.

As an “elderly biosphere”, the Earth is susceptible to diseases – such as climate change caused by humans.

But Professor Lovelock, whose Gaia theory transformed the way we view the world but is an unlikely environmental hero given his support for nuclear power, the chemical industry and MI5, says talk of trying to “save the planet” is “surely hubris”.

The book features a number of scientists such as quantum physicist Professor Lisa Randall, Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, Professor Edward Wilson, a biologist known as the “father of biodiversity”, and Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel.

It has been written not in an attempt to increase the sum of human knowledge, but to help ordinary people understand “who we are, how we live and where we might be going”, according to the publisher Taschen.

Professor Lovelock once feared humanity would end up struggling to survive in the Arctic Circle as global warming made much of the Earth uninhabitable by 2100, although he later said he felt he had been too “alarmist”.

Writing in the introduction to The Earth and I, he says it is “fairly sure that the metabolic carbon form of life cannot go on much longer in cosmic terms”.

“Our star, the Sun, has been a wonderfully reliable source of energy since life began but as it grows older, it increases its output of heat at an exponentially growing rate until eventually it dies in about five billion years by cremating itself in a burst of fire,” he says.

But this increase in solar heat sets a limit on life as we know of about 100 million years, according to his calculations.

“This is a near infinite time in human terms but quite short for the Sun or for life itself,” writes Professor Lovelock, who is now in his mid-90s.

“Even without the impact of human activity, it is an elderly biosphere, and elderly biospheres, like elderly animals, grow more vulnerable to perturbations as they age.

“A disease, like pneumonia, from which one can recover when young, is often fatal for the aged.”

But his suggested strategy for the future is perhaps unexpected – concentrate on humanity, or more specifically our “information”, rather than the Earth.

“Many think our most important task is to try to save the planet, but surely this is hubris,” he writes.

“We are a powerful species, but we are, and always will be, part of a much more powerful planetary system.

“Rather than try to save Gaia, perhaps the most important thing we have to do is to save ourselves and, above all, our ability to think, to understand, to value wisdom, and to process information.”

Professor Lovelock then touches on complex ideas that have been emerging in physics since the work of 19th century Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell, who was compared to Isaac Newton by Albert Einstein.

“As far as we know, we remain the only species in the entire history of creation that can examine our history and imagine a different future,” he writes.

“With this unique knowledge of how we came to be, comes a responsibility both to the home we have now, and to some unimaginable future.

“Modern physicists even speculate that information may be the fundamental basis of the cosmos.

“If they are right, then our survival is crucial, even though we, who are here now, may never quite understand why.

“Paradoxically, these high-flying ideas are why we must get down to the essentials, why we must understand and respond to our planet. Why, in a phrase, we must come down to Earth.”





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Economic shutdown coming – NATO plans Russian attack – Life without oil (video)

Will a weather disaster cause a citizen uprising?

(INTELLIHUB) —Scientists are warning for extreme weather around the world and to be self sufficient during an emergency and prepare for an economic shutdown.




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92% of world’s population breathe dangerously polluted air – WHO


© Kim Kyung-Hoon© Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

Over 90 percent of the world’s population lives in areas that exceed pollution safety limits set by the World Health Organization (WHO), according to new data. Some three million people a year are dying from outdoor air pollution, most of whom hail from China.

The new data, released by the WHO on Tuesday, confirms that 92 percent of the world’s population is living in areas where air quality levels surpass the official limits set by the organization.

The research, which includes an interactive map and a detailed list of deaths related to pollution, shows “air pollution danger spots” in each country, and “provides a baseline for monitoring progress and combatting it,” Dr. Flavia Bustrea, assistant director general at the WHO, said in a statement.

Photo published for WHO releases country estimates on air pollution exposure and health impact

Nearly 90% of -related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries https://goo.gl/Nq9AF7

A total of 6.5 million people died from air pollution-related deaths – both indoor and outdoor – in 2012, representing more than 11 percent of all deaths. Of those, three million were “solely attributable” to outdoor air quality.

China – long known for its contaminated air – far surpassed other countries, with 1,032,833 outdoor air pollution related deaths in 2012.

Overall, 94 percent of the overall deaths were due to non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. The organization noted that air pollution “also increases the risks for acute respiratory infections.”

Nearly 90 percent of the deaths occurred in low- and middle-income countries, with two out of three occurring in Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions.

“Air pollution continues take a toll on the health of the most vulnerable populations – women, children and the older adults,”Bustreo said. “For people to be healthy, they must breathe clean air from their first breath to their last.”

The organization listed major causes of air pollution as inefficient modes of transportation, household fuel and waste burning, coal-fired power plants, and industrial activities. It noted, however, that not all air pollution comes from human activity; for example, areas close to deserts experience pollution related to dust storms.

“Fast action to tackle air pollution can’t come soon enough,” Dr. Maria Neira, director of the WHO’s Department of Public Health, Environmental, and Social Determinants of Health, said. “Solutions exist with sustainable transport in cities, solid waste management, access to clean household fuels and cook-stoves, as well as renewable energies and industrial emissions reductions.”

The air pollution figures were evaluated by a team of 16 scientists from eight international institutions. They gathered data from 3,000 locations using air pollution monitors on the ground, as well as modeling and satellite readings.

They specifically examined exposure to tiny particulates 2.5 microns in size, known as PM2.5s, which are known to penetrate the lungs. PM2.5’s are the air pollutant most strongly associated with an increased risk of death.

Neira called the data a “big step forwards towards even more confident estimates of the huge global burden of more than 6 million deaths – 1 in 9 of total global deaths – from exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution.”

“More and more cities are monitoring air pollution now, satellite data is more comprehensive, and we are getting better at refining the related health estimates,” she said.





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