by Miles Klee  When doing the right thing is too hard, we give up and let fate run wild To outsiders, the way Americans have resisted all measures for controlling the spread of COVID-19 — and successfully pushed for “reopening” in a good many states, despite testing failures and the absence of a vaccine — must seem ludicrous. Has any culture lived in such denial, or appeared so bent on self-destruction? I can’t say for sure. But I also know that this attitude is far from unprecedented. We are a people who face danger with reckless abandon, just drunk enough … Continue reading AMERICA IS OFFICIALLY IN ‘FUCK IT’ MODE


by Zen Gardner, Guest Waking Times I find it especially ironic that this latest round of draconian clampdown is based on a media perpetuated invisible virus meme. No big war, no attacking enemy, no material weaponry, staged boogeymen or concocted “terrorists”. Yet this barrage of propaganda worked like a charm. Well, there are terrorists, as usual just the same old perpetrators. The overarching enemy within the gate, its very rulers managing the human farm, now draping a shroud of containment and despair on seemingly helpless humanity. Isn’t this surreally strange? Yet everyone worldwide responded more than they did to the phony … Continue reading THE IRONY AND THE ECSTASY

My Anger Was Actually Depression – Why Did No One Warn Me?

by JESSICA MORGAN Trigger warning: This article includes themes of suicide, self-harm and depressive thoughts. I’m a manic depressive. Getting out of bed most days is a chore, at weekends I sit at home staring at the wall for hours at a time, sometimes I even forget to eat. And every so often, usually once a fortnight, I fly into a blind rage over the smallest of things.Growing up, I was pretty angry. I spent the first few years of my life in the care system before being adopted, and carried my childhood trauma into adulthood. During adolescence, my fits of rage (throwing … Continue reading My Anger Was Actually Depression – Why Did No One Warn Me?

We’re Going To Be Living In A Liquid World

by Enrique Dans Senior Contributor If one thing is clear from observing the highly disruptive impact COVID-19, it’s that we are heading toward a liquid world, one characterized by the virtues of flexibility, versatility and resilience. The recent report by the Cross Innovation Strategy Group, organized by NASA, which I have had the opportunity to work on over the last few weeks and which will continue as an open platform, predicts that whatever we may hear about the development of a vaccine in the near future, it is extremely unlikely that it will be available for at least 12 months to … Continue reading We’re Going To Be Living In A Liquid World

A therapist shares the 7 biggest parenting mistakes that destroy kids’ mental strength

by Tracy Hutchinson We live in an increasingly stressful world, which is why it has never been more important to foster emotional and mental resiliency in our children. Not only are mentally strong kids better prepared to tackle future problems on their own, but studies have found that they’re also more likely to be engaged in school and in their future jobs. It won’t be easy for parents, but avoiding these common mistakes can help. 1. Minimizing your kid’s feelings Kids need to know that it’s healthy to express and talk about their emotions. When parents tell their kids things such as “don’t be so sad about it” or … Continue reading A therapist shares the 7 biggest parenting mistakes that destroy kids’ mental strength

We are nature

Spinoza helps diagnose the bad ideas and sad passions that preclude us from a finer relationship with the natural world Beth Lord is a philosopher and professor in the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen. She is the author of Spinoza’s Ethics: An Edinburgh Philosophical Guide (2010) and Kant and Spinozism: Transcendental Idealism and Immanence from Jacobi to Deleuze (2011).Listen here Edited by Nigel Warburton In his book Novacene (2019), James Lovelock writes: ‘We must abandon the politically and psychologically loaded idea that the Anthropocene is a great crime against nature … The Anthropocene is a consequence of life on Earth; … … Continue reading We are nature

I’m Afraid of Going Back to My ‘Old Life’ After the Lockdown

My life before was frantic, and I don’t want to go back. Why? By Vincenzo Ligresti Question: It might sound weird, but I’m really scared about going back to my life before the pandemic. This new normal obviously sucks, but it also opened my eyes in many ways. I feel like my old routine was frantic, sometimes for no reason. Taking this break made me realise it for the first time. I’m upset at the idea of spending money on a dinner with someone I don’t like, or working late to meet a deadline that won’t matter, or even to be looked at … Continue reading I’m Afraid of Going Back to My ‘Old Life’ After the Lockdown