9 Big questions about erectile dysfunction, answered

by Sophia Benoit Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci was apparently the one to discover that blood flow in the penis is what creates erections? Before then, it seems that a lot of people thought that boners filled up with air, like a balloon animal. Now, of course, we know a lot more about the dick than just simply, “it fills up with blood.” One thing we know for sure? Sometimes it doesn’t, even when you really want it to. If you have a penis, it’s pretty likely that at some point or another you will not be able to get hard when … Continue reading 9 Big questions about erectile dysfunction, answered

How psychedelics help you “die before you die”

The heart of the religious ritual is mysticism, argues Brian Muraresku in “The Immortality Key.” by Derek Beres  The concept of “dying before you die” lies at the heart of religious tradition, argues Brian Muraresku. This secret ritual connects the Eleusinian Mysteries with the origins of Christianity. In “The Immortality Key,” Muraresku speculates that psychedelic wine could have been the original Christian Eucharist. After a 20-year ban on clinical psychedelics research, the U.S. government approved trials on DMT in 1990. At first, Rick Strassman, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, only … Continue reading How psychedelics help you “die before you die”

Absolutely, Indestructibly Happy

An interview with Tina Turner By Clark Strand Tina Turner is an American icon—a remarkably versatile creative artist whose career has spanned more than sixty years. The winner of eight Grammy Awards, Turner was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991 and received a Kennedy Center Honor in 2005. But her path has not always been easy. Tina has overcome domestic abuse, discrimination, professional setbacks, life-threatening illness, and devastating personal loss. Throughout it all, she has credited her practice of Nichiren Buddhism as the source of her hope for a better world and her determination to overcome every obstacle in her life. … Continue reading Absolutely, Indestructibly Happy

The Therapeutic Power of Photography Transforms Pain into Beauty

By Miss Rosen  Without thinking we find ways to distance ourselves from the discomforts and indignities of life, denying the horrors that befall strangers, downplaying those may touch our lives, for trauma is one of the most difficult tragedies to manage and heal when it befalls our lives. Though it surrounds us in countless forms, we seek ways to buffer its relentless effect, trying to mediate the toll it takes on our physical, psychological, and spiritual state. Whether we keep ourselves disconnected and numb or become volatile and reactionary, the wound often goes untreated, festering and growing worse while the pain … Continue reading The Therapeutic Power of Photography Transforms Pain into Beauty


Our brains will thank us for it in years to come. by ÁINE KELLY REGULAR EXERCISE CHANGES THE STRUCTURE OF OUR BODIES’ TISSUES IN OBVIOUS WAYS, such as reducing the size of fat stores and increasing muscle mass. Less visible, but perhaps even more important, is the profound influence exercise has on the structure of our brains – an influence that can protect and preserve brain health and function throughout life. In fact, some experts believe that the human brain may depend on regular physical activity to function optimally throughout our lifetime. Here are just a few ways exercise changes the structure of our brain. MEMORY Many … Continue reading 3 PROFOUND IMPACTS EXERCISE HAS ON THE BRAIN


Why get high when you could edge yourself for hours until you’ve merged souls with your own dick? by Michael Stahl  Most of Reddit will tell you that edging is fantastic, but the real hardcore ’baters level up from there. The ones who travel furthest for self-pleasure say that, if they edge long enough, they fall into a mind-numbing trance where nothing matters but nutting. Only then can an edger truly claim to be “gooning.”  “Gooning is a sort of modernized version of tantric sex/masturbation without the spiritual aspects that have been traditionally associated with it in the past,” says Christfister, who moderates two of the many subreddits dedicated … Continue reading THE PSYCHEDELIC SCIENCE OF ‘GOONING’ — OR MASTURBATING INTO A TRANCE

Sweets and Suffering

A Won Buddhist teacher on how we consume suffering and how suffering consumes us By Dr. Bokin Kim Before I came to the US from Korea, I was under the impression that middle-class Americans were living a worry-free existence. They were materially affluent and had access to technology that streamlined their lives, and from where I stood, that seemed like enough for a flourishing human life. In 1979, I moved to Pittsburgh, and the following year, I started my doctoral studies at Temple University in Philadelphia. Around this time, I learned just how many people around me were in therapy or … Continue reading Sweets and Suffering

The Synchronicity of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung

How the theoretical physicist and analyst came together and then apart. BY PAUL HALPERN By the end of 1930, Austrian-born theoretical physicist Wolfgang Pauli was at the height of his achievements, yet an absolute emotional wreck. His brilliant contributions to science—such as the famous exclusion principle that would eventually earn him a Nobel Prize—had cemented his reputation as a genius. Remarkably, it demonstrated, among other consequences, why the electrons in an atom don’t all cluster together in the lowest energy quantum state and render it unstable. He had also predicted the existence of a lightweight, electrically neutral particle—later dubbed the … Continue reading The Synchronicity of Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung

People Are Dying After Joining a ‘Pro-Choice’ Suicide Forum. How Much Is the Site to Blame?

Loss survivors are demanding an end to the site, and provoking a conversation about how little we know about the internet and suicide risk. By Shayla Love Junior loved the weather: how to forecast rain or snow, the variations of atmospheric pressure, measuring wind, humidity, and temperature. He could watch the Weather Channel for hours. On a trip to New York with his mother Kelli Wilson in his early teens, they visited NBC Studios, where Junior stood in front of a green screen, where a meteorologist might stand, gesturing to a forthcoming or receding storm. The night before Junior died, on … Continue reading People Are Dying After Joining a ‘Pro-Choice’ Suicide Forum. How Much Is the Site to Blame?

Head Trip: How Psychedelics Can Help Facilitate Major Therapeutic Breakthroughs

written by LINDSEY METRUS  While still not entirely devoid of stigma, psychotherapy has transcended cultural boundaries, with millennials seeking both in-person and virtual sessions at a 10% larger rate than Boomers. Rising student loan debt, financial instability, workplace stress, and a volcanic political climate are just some of the catalysts contributing to an increased demand, one that’s been met with an adaptive supply via fingertip therapy like TalkSpace and text lines for immediate help. Therapy certainly isn’t relegated to an armchair chat—there’s art therapy, music therapy, and alt methods like reiki and EFT. And bubbling below the surface is a treatment modality that could change the course of … Continue reading Head Trip: How Psychedelics Can Help Facilitate Major Therapeutic Breakthroughs