If you knew the future, would you still choose your life?

If you had perfect foreknowledge of the blessings and tragedies that will come in your life, would you make the same choices anyway? by JONNY THOMSON When we decide to act, we either are incredibly bad at thinking through the implications or give very little thought to the future at all. A short story by Ted Chiang, “The Story of Your Life,” asks us to imagine how things would be if we knew what would happen from our choices, especially tragic events. Would we still do them? Immanuel Kant argued that hope is essential to motivating our action. Without the hope that … Continue reading If you knew the future, would you still choose your life?

The view from her

Is there something special about the way women do philosophy or is that just another essentialist idea holding us back Elly Vintiadis is a philosopher of mind and psychiatry at Deree, the American College of Greece, in Athens. She is the co-editor of Brute Facts (2018) with Constantinos Mekios and the editor of Philosophy by Women: 22 Philosophers Reflect on Philosophy and Its Value (2020). Edited byNigel Warburton What do philosophers contribute to philosophy? How do they enrich it? This sounds like a strange question, yet women in philosophy are often asked to explain what they contribute to philosophy now that they are allowed … Continue reading The view from her