‘Molecular surgery’ gives pain-free operations

The new technique uses electric currents to reshape tissue with no incisions. By Sara Rigby Fear the surgeon’s knife? A cutting-edge technique could banish the scalpel for good – at least for certain operations. Dubbed ‘molecular surgery’, the tech has been developed for procedures that involve reshaping tissue.Usually, this kind of surgery involves cutting and suturing, which is painful and leaves scars. Now, researchers at Occidental College in Los Angeles and the University of California, Irvine, have reshaped tissue with no incisions or scarring, and minimal recovery time. It could be useful for cosmetic surgery – such as reshaping a nose … Continue reading ‘Molecular surgery’ gives pain-free operations


image edited by F. Kaskais 5G APOCALYPSE – THE EXTINCTION EVENT New Earth Project A full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible! Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn…use it to target your local bureaucrats, technocrats, health practitioners, local and federal government agencies and more than anything else…your family and friends. Featuring in this film: weapons development experts, biologists, molecular & cellular biologists, blood microscopists, activists, as well as good leaders out there on the frontline. We know what this technology is – we know … Continue reading WHAT THE FUCK ?

Are We Ready For An Implant That Can Change Our Moods?

Christina Chung for NPR ALIX SPIEGEL JONATHAN LAMBERT Our thoughts and fears, movements and sensations all arise from the electrical blips of billions of neurons in our brain. Streams of electricity flow through neural circuits to govern these actions of the brain and body, and some scientists think that many neurological and psychiatric disorders may result from dysfunctional circuits. As this understanding has grown, some scientists have asked whether we could locate these faulty circuits, reach deep into the brain and nudge the flow to a more functional state, treating the underlying neurobiological cause of ailments like tremors or depression. The idea of … Continue reading Are We Ready For An Implant That Can Change Our Moods?

China Shows Long-Term Signs of Becoming Another Japan

Workers at the construction site of the Tangshan-Hohhot railway in Ulanqab, in north China’s Inner Mongolia region, on March 19, 2019. Job growth bounced back in the first quarter as a broad-based, credit-driven rally took shape. (STR/AFP/Getty Images) Credit-fuelled rally in Q1 reeks of short-term gain at the risk of long-term pain, says China Beige Book BY RAHUL VAIDYANATH, EPOCH TIMES China has gone back to its old bad habits of propping up the economy after a bruising end to 2018, but it can’t last, says China Beige Book (CBB). Comparing China in the long run to Japan is apt considering the proliferation … Continue reading China Shows Long-Term Signs of Becoming Another Japan

How AI Will Rewire Us

For better and for worse, robots will alter humans’ capacity for altruism, love, and friendship. by NICHOLAS A. CHRISTAKIS Fears about how robots might transform our lives have been a staple of science fiction for decades. In the 1940s, when widespread interaction between humans and artificial intelligence still seemed a distant prospect, Isaac Asimov posited his famous Three Laws of Robotics, which were intended to keep robots from hurting us. The first—“a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm”—followed from the understanding that robots would affect humans via direct interaction, for … Continue reading How AI Will Rewire Us

It is absolutely time to panic about climate change

A buffalo corpse seen rotting on the side of the road in southern Iraq on November 11, 2018. Severe droughts, caused by a combination of climate change, dams and internal water mismanagement, are creating a nightmare for buffalo herders in the region.John Wreford/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Author David Wallace-Wells on the dystopian hellscape that awaits us. By Sean Illing “It is, I promise, worse than you think.” That was was the first line of David Wallace-Wells’s horrifying 2017 essay in New York magazine about climate change. It was an attempt to paint a very real picture of our not-too-distant future, a future … Continue reading It is absolutely time to panic about climate change

How to Be Employable Forever

Olin College of EngineeringTOM VANDER ARK by Tom Vander Ark Contributor Education  I write about the future of learning, work and human development. “Learning things that matter; learning in context; learning in teams. Envisioning what has never been and doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Do that 20 times and you will be employable forever,” said Richard Miller, President of Olin College of Engineering. More than 20 years ago, Miller began thinking about this formula. The mechanical engineer was dean of engineering at the University of Iowa. About the same time, the trustees of the F. W. Olin Foundation began contemplating a … Continue reading How to Be Employable Forever