A Forgotten Prophet Whose Time Has Come

Ivan Illich’s radical critique of our modern certitudes resonates loudly amid today’s crises. BY NATHAN GARDELS Nathan Gardels is the editor-in-chief of Noema Magazine. Beset as we are these days by the cascading consequences of climate change and the descent into dysfunction of our social institutions, it is worth remembering Ivan Illich, a forgotten prophet whose time has come.  Fortunately, two books on the 1970s apostle of the era of limits remind us of his prescient relevance: “Ivan Illich: An Intellectual Journey” published by his friend and long-time interlocutor David Cayley this year, and “The Prophet of Cuernavaca: Ivan Illich and … Continue reading A Forgotten Prophet Whose Time Has Come

The 1 book you should read at least once in your life

by Thomas Oppong What is the best life-changing book you’ve read recently? What is the one book you keep reading over and over again? Some books are meant to be devoured or digested slowly. There are not many books that require total immersion. So when I come across a timeless and valuable book that has changed many lives over the years, I take the words of the author or writer seriously. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is one of the greatest and original books ever written. It’s a life compass. You don’t just read it once and put it on the … Continue reading The 1 book you should read at least once in your life