Great, Now Even Oral Sex Can Kill You

The good, the bad and the ugly things we learned about our bodies today by Jeff Gross If doing this column five days a week has taught me anything, it’s that over a long enough timeline, everything you eat, and everything you do, can kill you. Nothing is sacred! Case in point: Cunnilingus, a.k.a. going down on a lady, a.k.a. dining at the Y. Don’t let Petey Pablo in “Freek-A-leek,” or DJ Quik in “Can I Eat It?” scare you — giving head is the best. It’s one of the few things in the bedroom where a guy — or gal — can really take control of giving … Continue reading Great, Now Even Oral Sex Can Kill You

Kids? Just say no

Photo by Julian Calverley/Getty You don’t have to dislike children to see the harms done by having them. There is a moral case against procreation David Benatar is professor of philosophy and head of the department of philosophy at the University of Cape Town, where he is also the director of the Bioethics Centre. His latest book is The Human Predicament: A Candid Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions (2017). In 2006, I published a book called Better Never to Have Been. I argued that coming into existence is always a serious harm. People should never, under any circumstance, procreate – a position called ‘anti-natalism’. … Continue reading Kids? Just say no


by Gary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer  Waking Times  “Fate leads the willing and drags along the reluctant.” ~Seneca In Psychopath vs. Empath, Part 1: The War Between Truth and Deception, we talked about the cultural dynamic between the psychopath and the empath in the world. In this article, we will go deeper into the psychopath/empath dynamic within us all. While also going big-picture about how that dynamic will affect our evolution as a species. But first, let’s break down some of the critical differences between the psychopath and the empath. Psychopaths are apathetic and have trouble empathizing with others; empaths are exemplary at … Continue reading PSYCHOPATH VS. EMPATH: THE WAR BETWEEN EVOLUTION AND STAGNATION

Love After Life: Nobel-Winning Physicist Richard Feynman’s Extraordinary Letter to His Departed Wife

Richard and Arline at the Albuquerque sanatorium Where the hard edge of physics meets the vulnerable metaphysics of the human heart. BY MARIA POPOVA Few people have enchanted the popular imagination with science more powerfully and lastingly than physicist Richard Feynman (May 11, 1918–February 15, 1988) — the “Great Explainer” with the uncommon gift for bridging the essence of science with the most human and humane dimensions of life. Several months after Feynman’s death, while working on what would become Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman (public library) — the masterly biography plumbing the wellspring of Feynman’s genius — James Gleick discovered something of … Continue reading Love After Life: Nobel-Winning Physicist Richard Feynman’s Extraordinary Letter to His Departed Wife

Why women stray

Hmmmmm… Photo by Getty Evolutionary theory says men stray to increase offspring, but what motivates women? Enter the mate-switching hypothesis by David Buss is professor of psychology at University of Texas, Austin. His work has been published widely in journals and he is the author of several books, including The Evolution of Desire: Strategies in Human Mating (new edition, 2016). Scientists now know much about human mating. The menu includes at a minimum: brief sexual flings, long-term pair-bonding, some infidelity, some polygyny (one man, multiple wives), rare polyandry (one woman, multiple husbands), occasional polyamory, some divorce, and frequent serial mating. These strategies are not … Continue reading Why women stray

Hearing is Believing: Speech May be a Clue to Mental Decline

by Marilynn Marchione, AP Chief Medical Writer Your speech may, um, help reveal if you’re uh … developing thinking problems. More pauses, filler words and other verbal changes might be an early sign of mental decline, which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, a study suggests. Researchers had people describe a picture they were shown in taped sessions two years apart. Those with early-stage mild cognitive impairment slid much faster on certain verbal skills than those who didn’t develop thinking problems. “What we’ve discovered here is there are aspects of language that are affected earlier than we thought,” before or at … Continue reading Hearing is Believing: Speech May be a Clue to Mental Decline

Beware of Google’s Fake News

By Midas Letter (Reporter) Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google would like us all to believe that, as a corporate citizen, it is above reproach and is genuinely interested in protecting the integrity of news information for its users. Nothing could be more misleading. Google consistently publishes fake news under its Google Newsservice, and furthermore publishes advertising in its news database in contravention of its own Terms of Use. That this practice is supported by Google itself in an effort to continue to publish advertising performance numbers to its shareholders is not surprising. But what is unconscionable is that they do so in rampant volumes without the slightest … Continue reading Beware of Google’s Fake News