The Social and Environmental Perils of Magical Thinking

We can’t just assume that the pandemic, the climate crisis, and other pressing societal issues will work out fine. BY LOUISE FABIANI  THERE HAS BEEN MUCH coverage in recent media of citizens who fail to acknowledge the existence of such global crises as Covid-19 or anthropogenic climate change. They are said to be skeptical or in denial. They refuse to participate in any solution for the simple reason that they believe them to be non-issues. Just as dangerous to the common good is a person who fully accepts the existence of a problem, yet believes as a matter of course that everything will work out … Continue reading The Social and Environmental Perils of Magical Thinking


It’s been almost 20 years since my diagnosis, and I’ve learned quite a bit. By Caitlin Flanagan Are you someone who enjoys the unsolicited opinions of strangers and acquaintances? If so, I can’t recommend cancer highly enough. You won’t even have the first pathology report in your hands before the advice comes pouring in. Laugh and the world laughs with you; get cancer and the world can’t shut its trap. Stop eating sugar; keep up your weight with milkshakes. Listen to a recent story on NPR; do not read a recent story in Time magazine. Exercise—but not too vigorously; exercise—hard, like Lance Armstrong. Join a … Continue reading I’LL TELL YOU THE SECRET OF CANCER