Time to Wake Up

Illustration by Christian Dellavedova If enlightenment is possible in this life, then why haven’t more of us reached it? A Buddhist scholar and practitioner makes a call for genuine awakening. By Andrew Olendzki Isn’t it about time somebody got awakened? Buddhism is all about enlightenment, right? The whole point is that it’s possible for ordinary human beings to entirely free their minds of greed, hatred, and delusion, once and for all. The Buddha did it. A lot of his followers did it. Presumably people have been doing it for 25 centuries. Who among us will fulfill the promise of this path and … Continue reading Time to Wake Up

It’s the Journey, Not the Trip

Photo by Rodger Evans | https://tricy.cl/2MWKdU7 Psychedelics aren’t a shortcut for Buddhist practice, because practice involves every moment of life—especially the boring ones. By Brad Warner People get mad when I say it’s not right for drugs to be promoted as Buddhism. But that’s OK with me. Sometimes you have to make people mad. When a recent spate of articles espousing drug use as dharma practice appeared in popular Buddhist magazines, like this one, they required a strong rebuke from someone with the proper credentials to say, “No, it isn’t.” I knew no one else was going to step up. So I … Continue reading It’s the Journey, Not the Trip

Sutta Study: The Ship

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen | https://tricy.cl/2okBDQi “Letting go” is not so easy. It takes work and time, the Nava Sutta teaches. By Peter Doobini This article is part of Trike Daily’s Sutta Study series, led by Insight meditation teacher Peter Doobinin. The suttas, found in the Pali Canon, comprise the discourses the historical Buddha gave during his 45 years of teaching. Rather than philosophical tracts, the suttas are a map for dharma practice. In this series, we’ll focus on the practical application of the teachings in our day-to-day lives. In the Nava Sutta (The Ship), the Buddha describes the goal of the path as the … Continue reading Sutta Study: The Ship

Good Vibrations: A Buddhist Music Playlist

Photo by Mark Solarski | https://tricy.cl/2MlmE75 A collection of Buddhist-inspired songs from both traditional and unexpected sources to help you wake up or just chill out By Cara Dibdin Music has long served as a bridge between the ordinary and the divine. And while the early vinaya [monastic code] required monks and nuns to abstain from listening to or playing music, the Buddha’s teachers were preserved through chanting and oral recitation of the canonical texts. As Buddhism spread across the world, methods of transmission changed, as did the way music was used as a part of the tradition—as mantras, offerings, and … Continue reading Good Vibrations: A Buddhist Music Playlist

Does Dispassion Belong in the Bedroom?

Photo by Liana Mikah | https://tricy.cl/2Os2Xqz The Buddha’s teachings in the Pali Canon were far from sex-positive By Randy Rosenthal On one occasion, the Buddha was dwelling among the Bhagga people, near Sumsumaragiri. There, the married lay followers Nakulapita and his wife, Nakulamata, asked him how they could remain together in subsequent lives. The Buddha answered, “If, householders, both wife and husband wish to be in one another’s sight so long as this life lasts and in the future life as well, they should have the same faith, the same moral discipline, the same generosity, the same wisdom” (Anguttara Nikaya 4:55, trans. Bhikkhu … Continue reading Does Dispassion Belong in the Bedroom?

How cosmic is the cosmos?

The Moon and stars light up Mount Everest, also known as Qomolangma on 29 April 2008. Photo by David Gray/Reuters Ever since Heisenberg and Tagore, physicists have flirted with Eastern philosophy. Is there anything in the romance? by Zeeya Merali is a freelance science writer and the author of A Big Bang in a Little Room: The Quest to Create New Universes (2017). Her work has appeared in Nature, Scientific American, Discover, Science, New Scientist, and on the BBC. She has also published two textbooks with National Geographic and has worked on NOVA’s television series The Fabric of the Cosmos (2012). She has a PhD in theoretical cosmology and lives in … Continue reading How cosmic is the cosmos?

Is Your Camera Part of Your Practice or a Hindrance to It?

Photo by Tina lear While visiting the Thiksey Monastery in Ladakh, India, a pilgrim wonders what she’s missing when she’s capturing the moment. By Tina Lear It took me 38 hours to get there, but I was finally in Ladakh, India. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, at an altitude of almost 12,000 feet, its terrain is as harsh and dry as its monasteries are rich with color. Among the many aspects that called me to this venture, two stood out. First was the daily meditation and puja [ritual offerings] with Tibetan Buddhist monks. I wanted to sit in a monastery, feel … Continue reading Is Your Camera Part of Your Practice or a Hindrance to It?