Changing a brain to save a life: how far should rehabilitation go?

What’s the difference between brainwashing and rehabilitation? by Jonny Thomson  The book and movie, A Clockwork Orange, powerfully asks us to consider the murky lines between rehabilitation, brainwashing, and dehumanization. There are a variety of ways, from hormonal treatment to surgical lobotomies, to force a person to be more law abiding, calm, or moral. Is a world with less free will but also with less suffering one in which we would want to live? Alex is a criminal. A violent and sadistic criminal. So, we decide to do something about it. We’re going to “rehabilitate” him. Using a new and exciting … Continue reading Changing a brain to save a life: how far should rehabilitation go?


by Jon Rappoport, Guest Waking Times For the past year, I’ve been demonstrating that every major scientific assertion about the so-called pandemic is a lie. This article is about something else. The money. Money that makes the bailout/stimulus sums look like chump change. Money that makes Bill Gates look like a guy on welfare scraping by. To understand my line of approach here, you have to understand that people are conditioned, in many ways, to accept modern medical care. One successful method of conditioning: a whole nation is invaded by medical propaganda and medical treatment, during a purported crisis. The bottom … Continue reading PANDEMIC: FOLLOW THE REAL MONEY, THE UNTHINKABLE AMOUNT OF MONEY

The misinformation virus

Lies and distortions don’t just afflict the ignorant. The more you know, the more vulnerable you can be to infection by Elitsa Dermendzhiyska is a science writer and social entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology, research and mental health. She is the editor of the mental health anthology What Doesn’t Kill You: 15 Stories of Survival (2020). She lives in London. Edited by Marina Benjamin There’s a new virus in town and it’s not fooling around. You can catch it through face-to-face contact or digitally – that is, via a human or bot. Few of us possess immunity, some are even willing … Continue reading The misinformation virus

A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say ‘Listen to the Science’

When people say “follow the science,” often what they’re really saying is “follow our plan.” by Jon Miltimore On his first day as president, Joe Biden, flanked by a portrait of Ben Franklin, called on the federal government to “advance environmental justice” and “be guided by the best science.” In many ways, Biden’s words came as no surprise. Throughout the 2020 campaign and after, Biden had often repeated the phrases “listen to the science” and “I believe in science,” presumably to contrast himself with his opponent. Biden didn’t stop there, however. He included the mantra in one of the first executive orders he signed, noting … Continue reading A 75-Year-Old Warning about Those Who Say ‘Listen to the Science’


by Jason Gregory, New Dawn Waking Times In a linear world, the external order dictates an artificial way of life to the individual, creating a conformist society and forcing us to relinquish our power to a machine that is unnatural and devoid of life. This passive conformity can be traced back to the origins of the Vedic Hindu caste system and the feudal system under medieval Western Christianity. When a settled agrarian culture such as these is born, it tends to build towns, not only to protect people from outside influences but also to develop a mental framework based on rules … Continue reading THE HARMONY OF NONCONFORMITY

The Myth of Stephen Hawking

He was an important physicist, but the press and the public saw him as a prophet—and he didn’t go out of his way to discourage them By Charles Seife  There was almost a religious reverence in the hush that descended upon the audience at the beginning of a Stephen Hawking lecture. Typically, every seat was taken, and if the fire marshals weren’t a force to be reckoned with, there were large clots of people near the exits and in the aisles, craning their necks to get their first view of the physicist. And as he wheeled out onto stage, the audience … Continue reading The Myth of Stephen Hawking

It’s Time To Cancel “Dr. Phil”

Dr. Do Nothing The popular daytime TV show seems to exploit the vulnerable people coming on the program for help. by Scaachi KoulBuzz In mid-February, Dr. Phil aired an episode about a 56-year-old woman named JoLynn with an alcohol addiction. But unlike other shows — or even an old Oprah episode — she isn’t coiffed or remotely prepared for the interview. She’s very clearly intoxicated, disheveled, and isn’t wearing any shoes. She rambles and at one point, starts to walk away from her chair. When Phil McGraw (more commonly known as Dr. Phil) asks her repeatedly where she’s going, she looks like a lost child. … Continue reading It’s Time To Cancel “Dr. Phil”


Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer Waking Times At present, we are dangerously trending toward chaos, total world war, civil war, incivility, and a complete breakdown of civil society, and to the indoctrinated, it’s difficult to understand why exactly this is happening. As the stress of this mounts, the misinformed lash out at friends, family members and strangers who do not fully subscribe to their worldview. The battle really is one of understanding how the world works, and with such epidemic false perceptions, people choose the wrong targets for their ire. If one were to unlearn, however, many of the things we’ve been … Continue reading IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND THE WORLD TODAY YOU MUST UNLEARN THIS ONE THING


Caitlin Johnstone, Guest Waking Times We each inhabit two very different worlds simultaneously: the real world, and the narrative world. The real world is the physical world of matter, of atoms and molecules and stars and planets and animals wandering around trying to bite and copulate with each other. Science does not yet understand much of this world, but it can reasonably be said to have some degree of existence to it. The narrative world is made of stories, of mental chatter about what’s going on. It is only related to the real world in the loosest of terms, and commonly … Continue reading THE REAL WORLD AND THE NARRATIVE WORLD

How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA

In the 80s, the spy agency investigated the “Gateway Experience” technique to alter consciousness and ultimately escape spacetime. Here is everything you need to know. By Thobey Campion She turned to me the other morning and said, “You heard of The Gateway?” It didn’t register in the moment. She continued, “It’s blowing up on TikTok.” Later on, she elaborated: it was not in fact the ill-fated 90s computer hardware company folks were freaking out about. No, they’ve gone further back in time, to find a true treasure of functional media.  The intrigue revolves around a classified 1983 CIA report on a … Continue reading How to Escape the Confines of Time and Space According to the CIA