How to Unlearn a Disease

Medicine’s latest cure is forgetting you’re sick. BY KELLY CLANCY My father, a neurologist, once had a patient who was tormented, in the most visceral sense, by a poem. Philip was 12 years old and a student at a prestigious boarding school in Princeton, New Jersey. One of his assignments was to recite Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. By the day of the presentation, he had rehearsed the poem dozens of times and could recall it with ease. But this time, as he stood before his classmates, something strange happened. Each time he delivered the poem’s famous haunting refrain—“Quoth the Raven … Continue reading How to Unlearn a Disease


by Patrick Wood, Guest Waking Times The dots between Technocracy and Transhumanism are easily connected once its understood that both sit atop the pseudo-science religion of Scientism, which posits that science is god and scientists and engineers are its priesthood. This article provides the current framework to understand this nexus. Technocracy is to the transformation of society as Transhumanism is to the transformation of the human condition of people who would live in that society. Both are underpinned by a religious belief known as Scientism that says that science is a god and that scientists, engineers and technologists are the priesthood … Continue reading THE EVIL TWINS OF TRANSHUMANISM AND TECHNOCRACY

Spectacular Drone Views Of Giza Present the Pyramid in an Unusual Perspective

All photos © Alexander Ladanivskyy, shared with permission By CHRISTOPHER JOBSON Ukrainian photographer Alexander Ladanivskyy travels the world in search of spectacular images including idyllic scenes of Icelandic waterfalls, ancient mountain cities in Jordan, and the collision of history and modernity in Nepal. Last April, he teamed up with the Ministry of Tourism in Egypt to shoot one of the most photographed landmarks on Earth: the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Not satisfied with recreating perspectives found on postcards and Instagram feeds, Ladanivskyy instead used a drone to shoot the 4,600-year-old structure squarely from above at different altitudes. The series offers … Continue reading Spectacular Drone Views Of Giza Present the Pyramid in an Unusual Perspective


by Elva Thompson, Guest Waking Times In today’s reality, change is happening so fast we can hardly keep up with it. The ‘unimaginable’ is staring us in the face, and we feel powerless to act as we are swept along by the will of elite bureaucrats and their minions. Mixed messages from the controlled media and self serving, barely conscious politicians have led to mass fear, confusion, uncertainty and psychosis in the general public. We have been financially crippled, masked, locked up and isolated from each other under threats of fines and imprisonment for a disease that at max has a … Continue reading CYCLES OF TIME


by Dr. Tim Coles, New Dawn Waking Times Internet communication has gone from emails, messaging boards, and chatrooms, to sophisticated, all-pervasive networking. Social media companies build addictiveness into their products. The longer you spend on their sites and apps, the more data they generate. The more data, the more accurately they anticipate what you’ll do next and for how long. The better their predictions, the more money they make by selling your attention to advertisers. Depressed and insecure about their value as human beings, the younger generations grow up knowing only digital imprisonment. Older users are trapped in polarised bubbles of … Continue reading BUBBLES OF HATE: HOW SOCIAL MEDIA KEEPS USERS ADDICTED, ALONE, & ILL-INFORMED


by Jeremy Nadler, New DawnWaking Times In the Western wisdom tradition, there is a recurrent theme of humanity’s self-forgetfulness. We find it, for example, in Plato, in the Corpus Hermeticum, in Boethius’s The Consolation of Philosophy and in Gnostic texts such as the Hymn of the Pearl. This self-forgetfulness is a forgetting of our spiritual origins, and of the fact that human nature has a transcendent source. The person we ordinarily identify with is not the totality of who we are. This totality includes a spiritual kernel of which we are for the most part unconscious, and yet is nevertheless the foundation of our being, … Continue reading REMEMBERING WHO WE TRULY ARE IN THE FACE OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION


by Bruce Wilds, Advancing Time Waking Times The title of this article projects an ominous future where the masses are controlled by a few. Over the years I have written several articles covering the elite gathering in Davos. The global elites see the World Economic Forum (WEF) as an opportunity to promote their views and various causes. These people often fail to see that many of us have come to view Davos, as a notorious rendezvous for the world’s elite that grant us the honor of paying for their schemes in some way or form.Such gatherings are not for our sake but more … Continue reading BY 2030 YOU’LL OWN NOTHING AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY


An alien-made artefact or just interstellar debris? What ʻOumuamua says about how science works when data is scarce by Matthew Bothwell is the public astronomer at the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of The Invisible Universe: Why There’s More to Reality than Meets the Eye (forthcoming 2021). Edited by Sally Davies There’s an iconic moment, filmed in the shadow of the Very Large Array in New Mexico, that many people who visit this giant telescope try to duplicate. A young astronomer sits cross-legged on the bonnet of her car, the towering line of radio dishes vanishing … Continue reading Contact

The Cancer Custodians

To beat our worst enemy, we must first let it grow. BY LINA ZELDOVICH Part of Dennis Plenker’s daily job is growing cancer. And a variety of different ones, too. Depending on the day and the project, different tumors may burgeon in the petri dishes stocked in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where Plenker works as a research investigator. They might be aggressive breast cancers. They might be glioblastomas, one of the deadliest brain tumors that rob patients of their ability to speak or read as they crowd out normal cells. Or they might be pancreatic cancers, the fast and … Continue reading The Cancer Custodians

South African brothers disappear with $3.6 billion worth of stolen bitcoin

by: Franz Walker (Natural News) A pair of South African brothers have vanished, taking with them $3.6 billion worth of bitcoin from the cryptocurrency investment platform they put up. A Cape Town law firm hired by investigators says it is unable to find Ameer and Raees Cajee, founders of Africrypt, the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The firm has since reported the matter to the Hawks, an elite unit of South Africa’s police force. It has also told crypto exchanges around the world to be on the lookout should anyone try to sell the digital currency on their platforms. Largest crypto scam in history … Continue reading South African brothers disappear with $3.6 billion worth of stolen bitcoin