Is Your Sex Toy Spying on You?

Benevolent hackers are testing out how safe sex toys really are. BY ROSE MINUTAGLIO The 2009 romantic comedy The Ugly Truth didn’t leave much of an impression, but, in a small way, it was prescient. In one scene, Katherine Heigl’s character wears a pair of remote-controlled, vibrating panties to a serious business dinner after—bear with me—a coworker calls her prude. Over white wine and ceviche, the undies begin unexpectedly buzzing; the controller has fallen out of her purse and a young boy at the next table over is playing with it. Heigl shivers into a semi-suppressed climax in front of her coworkers, totally unaware … Continue reading Is Your Sex Toy Spying on You?


John Vibes, Truth Theory Waking Times Internet access is already notoriously restricted in China, but things are about to get a whole lot worse. Chinese citizens are currently forced to show their ID Card in order to get the internet installed in their house, but that identification database will soon be tightened with facial recognition technology. Starting on December 1st, Citizens of China will be required to scan their faces before gaining access to the internet or buying a smartphone. The new regulation is a part of China’s controversial social credit system, which records the actions of every citizen and scores … Continue reading CHINESE CITIZENS WILL HAVE TO GET THEIR FACES SCANNED TO ACCESS THE INTERNET

Little Tibet Welcomes a Little Bauhaus

A century after a German artistic movement’s birth, its spirit finds a new home in Northern India. By Julia HirschFALL 2019 One hundred years ago, a radical artistic utopia was born in Germany’s Weimar Republic. Founded in 1919 by Berlin architect Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus school of art decreed that “form follows function,” emphasizing collective wisdom and looking to art to solve society’s problems. The school’s brick-and-mortar experiment was short-lived, lasting only 14 years before folding under pressure from the Nazis in 1933. But the ideas that Bauhaus artisans generated—which championed a return to craftsmanship, simplicity, and functionality— soon spread worldwide. From furniture … Continue reading Little Tibet Welcomes a Little Bauhaus

Neuroscientists Confirm that Steve Jobs Was Decades Ahead of His Time

GETTY IMAGES Jobs wasn’t just a technology visionary, he pioneered an iconoclastic management theory. By Geoffrey James Thirty years ago, the mantra of the business world was “greed is good” because (as the movie Wall Street put it), “greed captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit… greed for life, for money, for love, for knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind.” This isn’t a life philosophy so much as a management theory. It encouraged–nay, demanded–that executives pursue their own self-interest and self-enrichment, not for themselves but for the betterment of mankind. The “greed is good” theory was a departure from earlier concepts of good … Continue reading Neuroscientists Confirm that Steve Jobs Was Decades Ahead of His Time

The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans

Future map of the United States by Gordon- Michael Scallion  MATRIX INSTITUTE by Jim Dobson  When I wrote my first article on billionaire bunkers years ago, I never would have imagined how quickly our world was changing. Our lives are in a constant state of flux, the political situation aside, our earth is rapidly changing. Between the increase of bizarre weather patterns hitting the earth, and recent major volcanic activity, now more than ever our focus is on our planets future. In the early 1980’s, spiritual visionaries and futurists provided clues to our changing planet. Often dismissed as crazy prophets, their thoughts … Continue reading The Shocking Doomsday Maps Of The World And The Billionaire Escape Plans

What If All Published Math Is … Wrong?

TRACY PACKER PHOTOGRAPHYGETTY IMAGES A number theorist says it’s possible, and makes the case for A.I. to double-check proofs. By David Grossman Mathematical proofs, or ways of showing one’s work, have become extremely complicated. One mathematician worries whether proof-checking has kept up. In a new lecture, a number theorist challenges ideas of memory and trust, saying computers can aid human conception of big proofs. While most math is likely right, he cautions, computerizing proofs would allow people known beyond any reasonable doubt. Kevin Buzzard’s video lecture, “The Future of Mathematics?” begins with a story about both him and his romantic partner … Continue reading What If All Published Math Is … Wrong?

Privacy is power

Photo by Raghu Rai/Magnum Don’t just give away your privacy to the likes of Google and Facebook – protect it, or you disempower us all by Carissa Véliz is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics and the Wellcome Centre for Ethics and Humanities at the University of Oxford. She is the editor of the forthcoming ‘Oxford Handbook of Digital Ethics’. Imagine having a master key for your life. A key or password that gives access to the front door to your home, your bedroom, your diary, your computer, your phone, your car, your safe deposit, … Continue reading Privacy is power