The Longest Conflict in World History may be the Root of War Today

by Markab Algedi The number one enemy of the US/NATO side of world power is Iran. Libya was first, now they want Syria, but the real target has always been Iran: why? The answer to this question may be in part found in ancient history. Ever heard the expression “all roads lead to Rome?” That means that the Western power cliques find root in Ancient Rome, whether it’s simple reverence for their ways, like the way the White House was situated on “Capitol Hill,” named after the Roman Capitoline Hill, or if the root is more literal. England was once … Continue reading The Longest Conflict in World History may be the Root of War Today

Ethics on the battlefield

Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, 2007. Photo by Tim Hetherington/Magnum The soldier in battle is confronted with agonising, even impossible, ethical decisions. Could studying philosophy help? by Andy Owen is the author of All Soldier’s Run Away: Alano’s War, the Story of a British Deserter (2017). He lives in London. Edited by Nigel Warburton When I attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2002-3, the leadership training was excellent. It included discussion of the British Army’s values and the laws of armed conflict. However, I received no ethics training for the occasions when neither values nor laws would fully prepare me to make complex moral decisions in … Continue reading Ethics on the battlefield

War Is All About the Impulse to Reproduce

‘Why We Fight’ by Mike Martin A new book argues the urge to pick up arms has a lot more to do with evolutionary psychology than anything you learned in history class by Hussein Kesvani In the Western world at least, war — and the violence that comes with it — is portrayed as the last possible resort, and the culmination of economic, social and political factors made by rational actors, whether they be nation states, political leaders or military generals. But the forthcoming book Why We Fight by Mike Martin, a former British army officer turned research fellow at the War Studies Department of King’s College London, argues that’s misguided. Instead, he believes that … Continue reading War Is All About the Impulse to Reproduce


by Vic Bishop, Staff Writer Waking Times The mainstream media is cheering on the psychopaths in government as they deliberately stoke conflict with Russia and press further forward with the Neocon agenda of total global war. If the media were doing its job, however, they’d be asking questions and pursuing truth in governmental matters in order to contribute to the good of society and the betterment of the world. At issue in this looming conflict is the horrifying specter of nuclear war, and the threat of such an unwinnable conflict is higher today than at any point during the cold war. It seems … Continue reading WHAT A EVEN A SMALL SCALE NUCLEAR WAR WOULD DO TO PLANET EARTH

How Syria Came to This

Hosam Katan / Reuters A story of ethnic and sectarian conflict, international connivance, and above all civilian suffering by ANDREW TABLER Seven years of horrific twists and turns in the Syrian Civil War make it hard to remember that it all started with a little graffiti. In March 2011, four children in the southern city of Der’a scrawled on a wall “It’s your turn, Doctor”— a not so subtle prediction that the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a British trained ophthalmologist and self-styled reformer, would go down in the the manner of the Ben Ali regime in Tunisia, the … Continue reading How Syria Came to This


by Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times The U.S. has been attempting to enter Syria for almost five years now, and the chemical weapons pretext has been in play since the invasion of Iraq. We seem to be in a repeat cycle. Some kind of macabre Groundhog Day where no matter how many times we manage to survive the day, we keep waking up to the same twisted scenario. Retired General Wesley Clark told us over a decade ago of the military plan to invade Syria, and now in the Syrian theater, the drive to force Russia into retaliation against the U.S. is deadly persistent. This … Continue reading EDGAR CAYCE MAY HAVE BEEN RIGHT ABOUT RUSSIA’S ROLE IN PREVENTING WORLD WAR III

Trump Knows Nothing About Getting Into a Major War’

© REUTERS / Yuri Gripas ‘Smart missiles should fly toward terrorists, not legal governments’ the Russian foreign ministry said in response to Donald Trump’s tweet after he warned Russia to prepare for the new, smart and nice missiles coming to Syria in the wake of an alleged chemical attack there. Sputnik discussed this with Stephen Lendman, an independent journalist and writer. Sputnik: US President Donald Trump has threatened to strike Syria and he has told Russia to get ready, what do you make of that comment? Stephen Lendman: It’s really lunacy, imperial madness is the expression I like to use. I think … Continue reading Trump Knows Nothing About Getting Into a Major War’