What Makes a Funny Holocaust Joke?

by Steven Blum Pretty, pretty, pretty much ever since Jews began making jokes about the Holocaust, other Jews have been offended by them. So when, last weekend, Larry David strode onto SNL’s stage and offered up a thought experiment about what it would be like to hit on a woman at a concentration camp, it was all but expected that the Anti-Defamation League — a group that monitors Holocaust denial worldwide — would deliver a sharp rebuke. https://melmagazine.com/media/41d13d71ab46dd78c65abe7a28af1fd8?postId=1dcf01af0fbd But the sanctimonious hand-wringing over whether David had crossed some invisible line that demarcates “acceptable” Holocaust humor from the abyss of Pepe memes and oven jokes doled out by Nazis … Continue reading What Makes a Funny Holocaust Joke?

How I Got Fired

Exposing Jewish power in America has real consequences  by PHILIP GIRALDI  Two weeks ago, I wrote for Unz.com an article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” It sought to make several points concerning the consequences of Jewish political power vis-à-vis some aspects of U.S. foreign policy. It noted that some individual American Jews and organizations with close ties to Israel, whom I named and identified, are greatly disproportionately represented in the government, media, foundations, think tanks and lobbying that is part and parcel of the deliberations that lead to formulation of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Inevitably, those policies are … Continue reading How I Got Fired

How close are we to Hell on Earth?

By Preston James, Ph.D  If you are unfortunate enough to live in one of the many war zones or disaster areas, or one of the third world nations like Mexico or Guatemala, you are already there. … by  Preston James It’s a very distasteful subject, one that is taboo in the highest American political circles, but it is a subject that needs to be honestly addressed and dealt with before it is too late for America and the whole world. That forbidden subject is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s very secret Agenda to destroy all societies and create Hell on Earth. This specific … Continue reading How close are we to Hell on Earth?

Inside Israel’s Doomsday Spaces

ADAM REYNOLDS Pup Cultural Center Kibbutz Kfar Aza GIMME SHELTER ‘Architecture of An Existential Threat’ provides a visually compelling insight to the cultural and geographical perspective of bomb shelters in Israel today. by KELLY CAMINERO Architecture of An Existential Threat provides a visually compelling insight to the cultural and geographical perspective of bomb shelters in Israel today. Adam Reynolds refers to these ubiquitous bomb shelters as “doomsday spaces.” He approaches these interior spaces by capturing the importance of proportion and scale. These photographs reveal the normalcy of survival in the most extreme situations. His perspective sheds light on the a country constantly … Continue reading Inside Israel’s Doomsday Spaces


  BYDANIELLE ZIRI Before being used by Hitler’s Nazi regime, swastikas were commonly known as an ancient sign used by Hindus and Buddhists carrying positive associations such as auspiciousness and good fortune. NEW YORK – The US-based clothing website Teespring is selling T-shirts and sweatshirts branded with swastikas, aiming to make them a “symbol of love and peace”. The designs, created by KA Designs and sold on the site, all display large swastikas in the front. One shows the Nazi-associated symbol in rainbow colors with the word “Peace”, another one with the word “Zen”, one reading “Love” and a third … Continue reading US T-SHIRT COMPANY SELLS SWASTIKA DESIGN AS ‘SYMBOL OF LOVE AND PEACE’