Grinderman – Heathen Child

The song was described on Sonic Masala as “squalid, diseased, filthy, and oh so seductive.” Singer Nick Cave spoke of the song with Uncut magazine, mentioning that “Heathen Child” was “a quest to break from narrative song-writing in to something more impressionistic.”   Continue reading Grinderman – Heathen Child

Three Emotional Blocks to Creativity

image edited by F. Kaskais by Kimberly Key Solutions to help you get unstuck so you can create, innovate and connect. Whether you are an ad executive trying to craft a slogan as victorious as Apple’s “Think Different” campaign developed by TBWA/Chiat/Day; a scientist investigating the effects of new drugs on rapidly mutating viruses; a designer orchestrating color schemes and remodeling options; or if you are engaging in the more routine choices of daily living like deciding what to make for dinner and what to do for family and date night, creativity feeds the outcome. Creativity is the substance of life. It solves problems. It creates … Continue reading Three Emotional Blocks to Creativity

Science Claims People Who Talk to Their Pets Are Way Smarter Than Those Who Don’t

by SELY PRATIWI If you can’t help but tell your dog stories about an annoying colleague or discuss your food choice for dinner with your cat, you can breathe easy. This is not a sign of craziness like your other half or your parents might suspect. Science claims that talking to our furry friends is actually a sign of other pretty important qualities. Kincet became interested in this study and discovered more interesting facts. That’s why we can’t wait to spill the beans. Pets are our ultimate friends. They are always near us, providing the necessary support and help. And it’s no wonder that sometimes we feel the need to share our feelings and thoughts with them. … Continue reading Science Claims People Who Talk to Their Pets Are Way Smarter Than Those Who Don’t

Humans Will Never Colonize Mars

Illustration: Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo) George Dvorsky The suggestion that humans will soon set up bustling, long-lasting colonies on Mars is something many of us take for granted. What this lofty vision fails to appreciate, however, are the monumental—if not intractable—challenges awaiting colonists who want to permanently live on Mars. Unless we radically adapt our brains and bodies to the harsh Martian environment, the Red Planet will forever remain off limits to humans. Mars is the closest thing we have to Earth in the entire solar system, and that’s not saying much. The Red Planet is a cold, dead place, with … Continue reading Humans Will Never Colonize Mars

Being and drunkenness: How to party like an existentialist

“A serious party neglects the underlying virtues of playfulness and generosity that make a party authentic.” by Skye C Cleary Existentialism has a reputation for being angst-ridden and gloomy mostly because of its emphasis on pondering the meaninglessness of existence, but two of the best-known existentialists knew how to have fun in the face of absurdity. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre spent a lot of time partying: talking, drinking, dancing, laughing, loving and listening to music with friends, and this was an aspect of their philosophical stance on life. They weren’t just philosophers who happened to enjoy parties, either … Continue reading Being and drunkenness: How to party like an existentialist

Schedule as Teacher

Photo by David Gabriel Fischer | How a rigid monastery lifestyle freed me from my indecision in a world of endless choices. By Ethan Blake “If everyone wears the same robe and follows the same rules, how can they find out who they truly are?” one student asked during our orientation of Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in Muir Beach, California. “When everyone wears and does the same thing,” our practice leader replied, “you can see everyone’s individuality more clearly, like how they walk, bow, talk and carry themselves, rather than judging someone’s shirt choice on a random day.” It … Continue reading Schedule as Teacher

Are men and women that different? Scientists find clues in brain development that say YES

by: Vicki Batts (Natural News) Men and women are equal — but that doesn’t mean we’re the same. The obvious differences between the sexes have long been a source of irritation to increasingly irrational leftists, but recent research has once again confirmed biological reality. Furthermore, scientists have proven that the differences between men and women go way beyond appearances. As it turns out, sex-related hormones and other biological compounds have a profound effect on brain development and general behavioral traits. In other words, men and women don’t just look different on the outside: We are different on the inside, too. From the hormones … Continue reading Are men and women that different? Scientists find clues in brain development that say YES

Now you see it

Photo by Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters Our brains predict the outcomes of our actions, shaping reality into what we expect. That’s why we see what we believe Daniel Yon is a cognitive neuroscientist and experimental psychologist at Birkbeck, University of London. Edited by Pam Weintraub The Book of Days (1864) by the Scottish author Robert Chambers reports a curious legal case: in 1457 in the town of Lavegny, a sow and her piglets were charged and tried for the murder of a partially eaten small child. After much deliberation, the court condemned the sow to death for her part in the act, but acquitted … Continue reading Now you see it


A Brit explains the incredibly baffling, totally catastrophic, utterly unnerving rise of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson: From principal bungler to Prime Minister of Britain by Stuart Messham It’s summer 2019, and the excruciating heatwave in the U.K. this week can only be preparing us for one thing: going to hell in a handcart with a bungling, right-wing prime minister at the wheel. Thanks to the quirks of British politics (which we’ll explain later), 99.87 percent of us didn’t even vote for him, yet here he is, ready to bring his “British Trump” clownery to the world. As we wait for … Continue reading WHO THE FUCK IS BORIS JOHNSON, ANYWAY?

How to Rewrite Your Past Narrative

image edited by F. Kaskais Your past has subjective meaning, which you can reframe. by Benjamin Hardy Ph.D. According to the Theory of Narrative Identity, developed by scholar and researcher Dr. Dan McAdams, we form our identity by integrating our life experiences into an internalized, evolving story of ourselves which gives a sense of unity and purpose to our lives. This life narrative integrates our reconstructed past, perceived present, and imagined future. All three coexist at the same time. Hence, from an experiential standpoint, the past, present, and future are not separate and linear, but holistic and co-occurring. In other words, your past, present, … Continue reading How to Rewrite Your Past Narrative