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LAST week, it was revealed that the Australian research facility Pine Gap might be indirectly responsible for US drone strikes which have killed Pakistani citizens.

How did that happen? And what exactly is Pine Gap? Here’s a quick cheat sheet for those of you who’ve vaguely heard of Pine Gap but never bothered to find out much more.


Pine Gap is a secretive facility nearly 20km south-west of Alice Springs which has been there since 1970. Run by both Australia and the United States, its official name is the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, even though our government really hates to admit it exists.

As for persuading the government to describe what it’s there for, forget it. We contacted the national office of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) and none of the three lines answered. So we rang two state offices, both of which told us to ring the national lines that weren’t answering.

”It is fair to say that Pine Gap has some fairly awesome capabilities when it comes to intelligence gathering,” said a former worker at Pine Gap, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak about his work. “It’s hard to imagine, but I suppose that’s the nature of the game. It’s secretive.”

Surely they should know better than to tell you to turn around this close to double lines. Source: Supplied

Pine Gap is essentially a satellite tracking station, situated in the middle of nowhere because that makes it hard for other countries to intercept the signals emitted from within. It is thought that the US controls all of its spy satellites from Pine Gap, and that the US and Australia “listen to Asia” from the 14 antennae concealed beneath white domes at Pine Gap. Put it this way, those white domelike structures aren’t a cat boarding facility.


Renegade American intelligence guy Edward Snowden revealed just recently that Pine Gap is one of the key facilities used in US surveillance.


Yes. A Pakistani lawyer went on record this week saying Pine Gap tracks the communications of al-Qaeda and Taliban militants. This, he says, enables the US to target those militants with its drone strikes. Sadly, these strikes kill civilians in addition to killing military targets.


Pine Gap is the small cleared area above the pink A in the bottom left. The town of Alice Springs is top right. Picture: Google maps Source: Supplied

Pine Gap employs up to 1000 people. When you think about it, 1000 jobs in a town of 25,000 people is like 160,000 people working at one company in a city of four million people such as Melbourne. So basically, it’s the biggest employer in town. Not that anyone admits that. Meet one of the Americans who seem to be everywhere in The Alice and they’ll tell you they work as a “gardener”, when they’re probably some sort of high-level intelligence operative. Because of the American influence, festivals such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are huge in Alice Springs.


Researchers at Harvard University have created the first noninvasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI) between a human… and a rat. Simply by thinking the appropriate thought, the BBI allows the human to control the rat’s tail. This is one of the most important steps towards BBIs that allow for telepathic links between two or more humans — which is a good thing in the case of friends and family, but terrifying if you stop to think about the nefarious possibilities of a fascist dictatorship with mind control tech.

In recent years there have been huge advances in the field of brain-computer interfaces, where your thoughts are detected and “understood” by a sensor attached to a computer, but relatively little work has been done in the opposite direction (computer-brain interfaces). This is because it’s one thing for a computer to work out what a human is thinking (by asking or observing their actions), but another thing entirely to inject new thoughts into a human brain. To put it bluntly, we have almost no idea of how thoughts are encoded by neurons in the brain. For now, the best we can do is create a computer-brain interface that stimulates a region of the brain that’s known to create a certain reaction — such as the specific part of the motor cortex that’s in charge of your fingers. We don’t have the power to move your fingers in a specific way — that would require knowing the brain’s encoding scheme — but we can make them jerk around.

Which brings us neatly onto Harvard’s human-mouse brain-to-brain interface. The human wears a run-of-the-mill EEG-based BCI, while the mouse is equipped with a focused ultrasound (FUS) computer-brain interface (CBI). FUS is a relatively new technology that allows the researchers to excite a very specific region of neurons in the rat’s brain using an ultrasound signal. The main advantage of FUS is that, unlike most brain-stimulation techniques, such as DBS, it isn’t invasive. For now it looks like the FUS equipment is fairly bulky, but future versions might be small enough for use in everyday human CBIs. (See: Real-life Avatar: The first mind-controlled robot surrogate.)

With the EEG equipped, the BCI detects whenever the human looks at a specific pattern on a computer screen. The BCI then fires off a command to rat’s CBI, which causes ultrasound to be beamed into the region of the rat’s motor cortex that deals with tail movement. As you can see in the video above, this causes the rat’s tail to move. The researchers report that the human BCI has an accuracy of 94%, and that it generally takes around 1.5 seconds for the entire process — from the human deciding to look at the screen, through to the movement of the rat’s tail. In theory, the human could trigger a rodent tail-wag by simply thinking about it, rather than having to look at a specific pattern — but presumably, for the sake of this experiment, the researchers wanted to focus on the FUS CBI, rather than the BCI…

It’s been roughly 2000 years since the fated biblical day when a mysterious star appeared in the sky. The same star that sparked one of the largest religious movements in the world.

Today, July 29th, a similar spectacular stellar occurrence is happening. A giant, six-pointed star, also known as a Star of David is appearing in the sky in the form of a great planetary alignment.

That’s right, six planets are lining up at exact 60 degree angles to each other, around the Earth, forming a giant six pointed star. Apparently the last time such an formation happened was at the end of World War II. This too is sure to herald great change, of some kind.

What planets are involved?
Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter(conjunct Mars) make up one of the triangles, while Pluto, Venus and the moon make up the other.

Since the moon transits so quickly, this formation will only be in place for a short seven hour period today from roughly 10:30 am Pacific time until about 5:30 pm…


A shocking and jaw dropping new report on Zero Hedge brings a smack of reality to the so-called ‘recovery’ in America: 80% of all US adults are either living near the poverty level, rely upon welfare or are totally unemployed. To know that 4 out of every 5 Americans are living at that level on the economic ladder is stunning and quite a wake up call for those who still, somehow, believe that the economy is in a ‘recovery’ mode. Meanwhile, corporate profits continue to rise as shown in the graph below this video report from ViralMedia24. First, this story from Tyler Durden and Zero Hedge.:

Despite consumer confidence at a six-year high, the latest AP survey of the real America shows a stunning four out of five U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, are near poverty, or rely on welfare for at least parts of their lives amid signs of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream. Hardship is particularly on the rise among whites, based on several measures. Pessimism among whites about their families’ economic futures has climbed to the highest point since at least 1987.

“Poverty is no longer an issue of ‘them’, it’s an issue of ‘us’,” as ’the invisible poor’ – lower income whites – are generally dispersed in suburbs (Appalachia, the industrial Midwest, and across America’s heartland, from Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma up through the Great Plains) where more than 60% of the poor are white.

More than 19 million whites fall below the poverty line of $23,021 for a family of four – accounting for more than 41% of the nation’s destitute – nearly double the number of poor blacks and as one survey respondent noted ”I think it’s going to get worse.”…

How do we know something is real? Trust the source? Know the subject well? Have an uncanny hunch? On the other hand, senses can be “tricked”, and tricked well by one’s own interpretation of it.Trust can be broken, intellectual prowess found sadly ungrounded in a concept box and hunches can be just plain wrong. So, where to find a reliable way to know something is true? A precaution could be that relying on one source alone is a narrow spectrum, let alone relegated to a specific medium: However, if patience is employed,along with acceptance and the willingness to explore unusual or bizarre concepts and noticing the enduring presence of a manifestation, however subtle, can go a long ways in securing a hold on the elusive Truth. THEY WILL TAKE DOWN MY CHANNEL SOON JUST DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH 9/11 WAS A ORGANIZED HIT ON THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA THEY STAGED A FALSE WAR WITH IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN TO MANY SOILDERS DIED IN VAIN FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THE ELITE.WHY ELSE WAS THE WAR WAYYY OVER SPENT ON BECAUSE IF OSAMA BIN LADIN WAS DEAD THEIR WAS NO MORE WAR ON TERROR THEY WOULDN’T BE FUNDING THE FALSE WAR SO THEY DRAGGED IT OUT AND STATED HE WAS KILLED BY SPECIAL FORCES IN MAY 2011 THE SPECIAL ARMED FORCES WHO SUPPOSELY KILLED HIM ALL DIED IN A HELICOPTER EXPLOSION SO DEAD MEN DON’T TALK HMMM. THEY FUNDED THE WAR SO LONG EVEN AFTER THE REAL DEATH OF OSAMA BIN LADIN IN 2003 THEY DID IT TO USE THAT MONEY FOR THEIR DEEP UNDER GROUND BASES. DID PLANET X PASS US IN 2011 ? THEY SURE DID A GOOD JOB ON HIDING IT.THE MINI ICE AGE 2011 THE WEIRD WEATHER THE MASS OF ANIMAL DIE OFFS THE EARTHQUAKES THE SUN SETTING IN THE WRONG PLACES THE POLAR SHIFT OF THE MOON.IS PLANET X ON ITS WAY BACK FROM THE SWING AROUND THE SUN ? WILL IT PASS EVEN CLOSER NEXT MONTH OR THE END OF 2013 ? WHAT IF 2012 WAS THE LAST YEAR TO PREPARE FOR THE ELITE SO THEY GAVE US THE MAYAN BULL CRAP AND IT IS ACTUALLY 2013 “THE END DATE” MADE ALOT OF YOU FOLLOWERS OF THE 2012 SCARE DISBELIEVERS OF WHATS TO HAPPEN NOW.THEY AINT TELLING US NOTHING SO WE THE PEOPLE GIVE THESE DATES OUT BECAUSE WE TRUELY DONT KNOW WTF IS GOING ON.WE HAVE TO BE OUR OWN DETECTIVES OUR OWN SCIENTIST. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKIES AND WATCH THE EARTHQUAKES When delving into the existance of Planet X, it’s helpful for the reader to understand how and why a world-wide high-echelon govermental cover-up can exist. The cover-up is both single and complex: the ” don’t go there” rule and the system of how the cover-up is maintained.It is enforced by powerful U.S. agencies with covert opertives doing the dirty work. Complicity is possible as most countries in the world have international agreements. I often refer to U.S.activities as that country has very powerful agencies advancing the cover-up such as the CIA, FBI, DIA, NSA, and Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. media message also tends to dominate the international media as well.From haveing to sign non-disclosure agreements and the unspoken message that if you talk you will not only lose your job but unlikely to get a new one to outright assassination, is the enforcement. Many other methods are employed to keep certain people or organizations in line, plus the smothering of increasing daily evidence. The U.S. agency NASA is very active in issuing junk science designed to distract or lie to the public, in fact almost all the efforts of NASA these days is planed prevarication. There is too much evidence of this to include it in a news story, it is so wide-spread it’s just mind-boggling…

David Icke explains the results of his research about the strange and unusual anomalies of our moon. This information is very compelling.

And here is the interview with the authors of the controversial book “Who Built The Moon”, Christopher Knight and Alan Buckler on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory.

Authors Christopher Knight and Alan Butler (book link) shared their theory that the moon is artificial and that it was deliberately engineered to sustain life on Earth. The moon is precisely designed “like a Swiss Clock,” and built to a “mathematical blueprint,” said Butler.

The material the moon is made out of came from the surface layers of the Earth, likely drawn from there using a series of small black holes that were placed in orbit around the planet, they explained. Butler & Knight presented three possibilities as to who was behind this operation: God could have created the moon. But knowing that the Sun and Earth already existed first, why wouldn’t this superior being have created the moon at the same time? Alien beings, highly advanced in technology, could have spotted our planet as a likely place for seeding life, and left their calling card (an obviously artificial moon). Human time travelers created the moon at some stage in the future, realizing that this needed to be done to incubate humanity in the past.

They believe that the time traveler explanation is the most valid. Humans would have the highest degree of interest in carrying out such a monumental task, said Butler, and time travel appears to be increasingly a real possibility, added Knight.


Alan Butler has a special interest in ancient civilizations and history. His work has been geared towards uncovering mysteries from the past. An expert in astrology and astronomy, Alan has worked hard over the years to gain an understanding of the great importance ancient civilizations put upon the stars and planets, both in a practical and a mythological sense.

The origin of the Moon is one of the most complicated problems of cosmogony. So far there have been basically three hypotheses under discussion. HYPOTHESIS I: The Moon was once a part of the Earth and broke away from it. This has now been refuted by the evidence. HYPOTHESIS II: The Moon was formed independently from the same cloud of dust and gas as the Earth, and immediately became the Earth’s natural satellite. But then why is there such a big difference between the specific gravity of the Moon (3.33 grams per cubic centimeter) and that of the Earth (5.5 gr.)? Furthermore, according to the latest information (analysis of samples brought back by the U.S. Apollo astronauts) lunar rock is not of the same composition as the Earth’s. HYPOTHESIS III: The Moon came into being separately, and, moreover, far from the Earth (perhaps even outside the Solar system). This would mean that the moon would not have to be fashioned from the same “clay” as our own planet. Sailing through the Universe, the Moon came into Earth’s proximity, and by a complex interplay of forces of gravity was brought within a geocentric orbit, very close to circular. But a catch of this kind is virtually impossible. In fact, scientists studying the origin of the Universe today have no acceptable theory to explain how the Earth-Moon system came into being. OUR HYPOTHESIS: The Moon is an artificial Earth satellite put into orbit around the Earth by some intelligent beings unknown to ourselves.

We refuse to engage in speculation about who exactly staged this unique experiment, which only a highly developed civilization was capable of.

The Moon (Latin: luna) is the only natural satellite of the Earth,[d][7] and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System. It is the largest natural satellite of a planet in the Solar System relative to the size of its primary,[e] having 27% the diameter and 60% the density of Earth, resulting in 1⁄81 its mass. The Moon is the second densest satellite after Io, a satellite of Jupiter…

“Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? And do you like surprises? I must tell you about this one Tom threw at me!” says Jonathan Gray of Here is the story from Gray’s latest newsletter, presented with his kind permission.

How awesome! It just kept dropping below me… down… down… down. I drank in the majesty of the canyon.

“Grand Canyon”… so well named!

My friend Thomas stood beside me. He broke the silence.

“Did you know that this Grand Canyon most likely started as a crack in the earth?”

“Oh come on, Tom, the Colorado River did it. Everybody knows that.”

Tom shook his head. “There is reason to believe that the canyon was originally cut by an electrical discharge from a passing heavenly body.”

“You mean, by a huge lightning bolt?”

“That’s right,” said Tom. “Those cracks perpendicular to the canyon resulted from an electrical arc. They are not water-caused rills.” And he added, “I believe it happened during the latter part of the Great Flood.”

Tom was a well respected scientist.

But I still had to ask him: “Are you serious?”

“Definitely,’ he responded.


“Of course,” he admitted, “I realise that most people assume the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon.”

And it is also assumed that this took millions of years. After all, isn’t the canyon in parts up to a mile deep? Water erosion would take ages… well, wouldn’t it?

Not necessarily. Because if there really was a global flood disaster, on the scale implied by the evidence now coming to light, it could be an enormous, rapid event.

Just imagine it… continents and seas churned up together. Water-laid sediment tens of thousands of feet deep, stratified during 12 months by water movements on an unimaginable scale.

Then, finally the violent run-off into the tectonically enlarged ocean basins.

Volumes of water, laden with rocks, gravel and debris, running over newly-deposited, still unconsolidated soft ground, could easily scoop out a Grand Canyon in a short time.

Yes, it’s possible.

But, as Tom pointed out, this Grand Canyon was not scooped out that way. The perpendicular cracks give us the clue.

Tom stared at me, grinning.

“Okay”, I said. “There’s something else you know… right? Spit it out.”

Tom beamed. “Were you aware that the Grand Canyon humps in the middle, and that it stretches HIGHER than the upstream Colorado River?”

“No,” I confessed. “You mean…”

“Yes, to start cutting the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River would need to flow uphill! Do you see?

“Also, there is very little downstream detritus… which gives no support for the erosion theory.

“No – the Colorado River did NOT cut the Grand Canyon.”

I had to investigate this further.

Back home, I began researching. And discovered something else. It almost blew me away!

Did you know this? In reality, the Grand Canyon seems to be part of a crack in the earth’s crust. It starts in Mexico and runs underground all the way up to Yellowstone Park.

It seems likely that the retreating Flood waters did pour down into the crack from all directions in great abundance.

And then erosion did take place – but it was rapid erosion.


Are you ready for another bombshell?

Could the river now flowing through this crack have been – as recently as 4,000 years ago – at a much higher level?

Now that’s a staggering thought!

You may already be familiar with the newspaper report that follows, but most people are not. So I shall repeat this news item to you now, then follow up with my bombshell.

On the front page of The Phoenix Gazette, on April 5, 1909, there appeared a most intriguing news report.

G.A. Kinkaid, an explorer working with Professor S.A. Jordan of the Smithsonian Institution, allegedly discovered a network of caverns, artificially hewn into the side of the Grand Canyon.

His report began as follows:

“First, I would impress that the cavern is nearly inaccessible. The entrance is 1,486 feet down the sheer canyon wall…. I was journeying down the Colorado river in a boat, alone, looking for mineral.

“Some forty-two miles up the river from the El Tovar Crystal canyon, I saw on the east wall, stains in the sedimentary formation about 2,000 feet above the river bed.

“There was no trail to this point, but I finally reached it with great difficulty. Above a shelf which hid it from view from the river, was the mouth of the cave.

“There are steps leading from this entrance some thirty yards to what was, at the time the cavern was inhabited, the level of the river.

“When I saw the chisel marks on the wall inside the entrance, I became interested.” (Nexus, April-May 1993, pp. 36-39)

Following several hundred feet of passage, the explorer found himself in a network of passages and hundreds of rooms radiating from a central point like spokes in a wheel.

The relics seen (some of which he photographed by flashlight) were astonishing. There were mummies, images and artifacts of a high technology. And an unknown grey metal resembling platinum. Everywhere he looked, hieroglyphics were to be seen.

Does that awaken your appetite?

But here is the bombshell that blows to pieces our ideas on how long it took the canyon to form.

The point is that this archaeological site is some 2,000 feet above the present river bed. And it has steps leading a short distance to the former river level.

Do you see? This would mean that the water in the river was about 2,000 feet higher only a few thousand years ago.

If this is true, then the water level dropped 2,000 feet lower in just a few thousand years since those first explorers were here.

That drop in water level would have been rapid at first – due to the huge amount of water on the continent.

Of course, the entire story could be an elaborate newspaper hoax. However, the fact that it was on the front page, named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution, and gave a highly detailed story that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility. It is hard to believe such a story could have come out of thin air.


More recently, two backpackers who entered the Grand Canyon claimed that at an elevation of some 800 feet, they saw several cave entrances, just as reported in the newspaper article.

But the entrances all seemed to be sealed shut or destroyed, as if to keep everyone out. (This raises the question, Why would anyone want to deliberately seal off caves in such a remote area, so difficult of access?)…


The money dried up, but at least Dubai’s celebrity investors are not left out of pocket

David Beckham is among those set to receive money back from failed building projects

Dubai will liquidate many of its building projects and use the money to pay off investors, who are thought to include the Hollywood star Brad Pitt and footballers David Beckham and David James, it has been reported.

The state news agency WAM said ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum had ordered a committee to be set up to look at the emirate’s building bubble, which encouraged huge funding but was followed by huge losses when it burst. Many developers withdrew from the city when prices more than halved and a lot of their customers have never received the properties they paid to be built.

Among the projects that remain little more than building sites more than four years after the crash is Dubai World, a complex of islands arranged to resemble the world’s seven continents.

Those reported to have invested in property in the debt-ridden emirate include the former England footballers Michael Owen, Joe Cole, Andy Cole, and Kieron Dyer.

A study by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority found that more than 200 development projects were cancelled between 2009 and 2011. WAM reported that the committee will “look into and decide on the claims and cases arising between property developers and buyers of the stalled property projects, as well as liquidation of developments that were ordered cancelled by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency”. The courts will be required to pass on cases to the committee.

It is hoped that it will remove lingering doubts over projects paid for but never built. WAM reported: “In order to carry out its tasks, the committee is authorised to seek assistance of experts and consultants and to appoint auditors whose expenses shall be paid by the developers, to audit the financial position of the stalled projects and to verify the amounts paid by the buyers and the amounts spent by the developers.”

But some of the most extravagant projects, such as Dubai World, will not be included in the settlements because development has been suspended rather than cancelled.

Part Two of The Hunger Games

Evil Triumphs over Innocence

Whenever ordinary people do Nothing!

Published on July 28, 2013

“Detroit is under attack by the international banking elite.
The gutting of Detroit, its public works, its social programs and all human safety nets is the same Bankster-genocidal model used in Cyprus and Greece.

This is also the model for countless other large cities in the
United States.

If the cartel banks are not tied down with rule of law and
prosecuted for crimes already committed, the Banksters will take it all.”

This IS austerity. This IS a model for genocide. The financial elite consider any restoration of Glass-Steagall “an ACT OF WAR”. But it’s clear that the Banksters have ALREADY declared war, on the people. (1)

What will YOU do to stop them?

“I’m calling on the Detroit City Council to reject, and instead to publicly call for and fight for the reinstatement of ~ Glass Steagall ~ to break up the too big to fail banks.

… It is clear that 75% of major cities enter into interest rate-swaps. These Interest rate swaps were entered into against cities at the highest level: At the London internet offered Libor rate ­ the bank authored rate. This is murder. This is not insider-trading this is murder. It has resulted in cuts that have killed people. There are people at the highest level involved in this. I call upon the people of Detroit to tell the bankers that they are going to jail.

…When AIG failed, Detroit’s interest rates went up. We got hit by default and in the meanwhile they (AIG) still got bailed out and the owners got bonuses after being bailed out by the Federal Government. When they failed they had agreed to stand behind our debt. When they went down our rates went up. ~ That should be renegotiated in Detroit….

This week the City of Detroit has become the largest municipality in US history to file for Bankruptcy, chapter nine. Four months after the appointment of an unelected emergency financial manager, Kevyin Orr, to restructure the debts and finances of Detroit ­ a bankruptcy petition was filed on Thursday of last week which would allow the city to default on billions of dollars of outstanding debt owed to pensioners and other employees ­ many of whom have no other source of income, to support themselves and their families.

After failing to blackmail the city workers and retirees into accepting voluntary cuts to their pensions, the emergency financial management has now simply declared that these debts will not be paid. Such an action directly violates the Michigan State Constitution (and the US Constitution). Which explicitly states that ‘the accrued financial benefits of each pension plan and retirement system of the state and its political subdivisions shall be a contractual obligation thereof which shall not be diminished or impaired thereby.’

Lawsuits have already been filed in federal court to block Kevyin Orr’s bankruptcy filing in federal court, on the grounds that it violates the sanctity of these public pension contracts. With Michigan State Judge Rose Marie Aqualina, ruling last Friday that such an action was unconstitutional and ordering Governor Snyder to withdraw the petition for Bankruptcy. As a result Snyder has appealed the ruling to a federal court in an attempt to circumvent the constitution of the state of Michigan. And has even threatened to hold Judge Aqualina in contempt.

Meanwhile as Kevyin Orr maneuvers to pay pensioners merely pennies on the dollar ­ he has worked out a separate deal with the city’s biggest creditors; Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and others: Promising to pay them 75 to 80 cents on the dollar for interest-rate swaps and other derivative-deals which Detroit had been lured into purchasing in a desperate attempt to raise revenue over recent years.

These debtor and possession loan deals take precedence for repayment above all other creditors in bankruptcy proceedings. Such an agreement with the very banks responsible for Detroit’s bankruptcy ­ to sacrifice the unsecured creditors among the pensioners and city workers for the sake of fulfilling the cities obligations to the banks ­ is the mirror-image of the Bail-In policy which the EU financial dictatorship forced down the throats of the people of Cyprus… What we now see, in the case of Detroit is by no means an isolated case ~ this is really the precursor of what is already planned for the United States as a whole ­ were Glass-Steagall to be defeated… this takes you to 6 minutes and 20 seconds into this video ­ there is much, much more in the video (2)

The news over the last few days has carried a litany of those that will be resigning on September 1, 2013. This tells us all about the hell that is planned for us that will become fact, by that date. The public must act before September 1, 2013 ­ or this place will very quickly become a fascist state just like Detroit has already become, with no constitutional protections of any kind.

Look at this litany in Globalization & Jewish Nationalism. This spells out the fact that every major position in banking and virtually every other government post in the old USA is now held by Jews. (3)…

Two investigative journalists are suing the FBI after the government failed to respond on time to a pair of Freedom of Information Act requests filed for details on the death of reporter Michael Hastings.

Jason Leopold and Ryan Shapiro filed a joint suit on Friday after the Federal Bureau of Investigation neglected to respond to their FOIA requests within the 20-working day period required by law.

Leopold and Shapiro both sent FOIA requests to the FBI following Hastings’ untimely death last month, and are now taking legal action in an attempt to expedite pleas that have so far been ignored by the bureau.

Hastings, 33, died last month in Los Angeles, California after his Mercedes C250 Coupé crashed at a high rate of speed in the early morning hours of June 18. Hastings was widely-respected for his hard-hitting brand of national security reporting with outlets ranging from Rolling Stone to, and has been credited with causing the resignation of Stanley McChrystal, the four-star general who headed NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan until a Hastings-penned expose in 2010 embarrassed him to the point of abandoning that role.

According to a friend, Hastings warned his colleagues over email just hours before his death that he was working on a big story and that the FBI would likely be investigating his associates.

“It alarmed me very much,” Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs, a friend of Hastings, said of the email he received last month. “I just said it doesn’t seem like him. I don’t know, I just had this gut feeling and it just really bothered me,” he told KTLA News…

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