BREAKING NEWS: New Telescope Observes Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities with Intelligent Movement

Main: Tampa Bay in Florida (pictured). Inset: Photograph of an ITE-2.


A new report published in the latest edition of the American Journal of Modern Physics has revealed a startling finding – a newly developed telescope with concave lenses has observed, for the first time, entities in our terrestrial environment that are invisible to our eyes and to conventional Galileo telescopes with convex lenses.  Even more surprising is the fact that these entities have been observed to move ‘intelligently’ in the night sky in a manner suggesting unauthorized surveillance of the area.

Revolutionary New Santilli Telescope

The discovery was made by Dr Ruggero Santilli, a highly-regarded expert in mathematics, cosmology, and physics, who has been nominated for Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. Dr Santilli developed a new type of telescope that was designed to observe antimatter-light.  This form of light has a negative index of refraction, thus requiring concave lenses to focus it, rather than the traditional convex lenses used in conventional Galileo telescopes.

Top: A conventional Galileo telescope with convex lenses designed to observe ordinary matter-light. Bottom: The new Santilli telescope with concave lenses designed to observe antimatter-light.

Top: A conventional Galileo telescope with convex lenses designed to observe ordinary matter-light. Bottom: The new Santilli telescope with concave lenses designed to observe antimatter-light.   Credit: Dr Santilli

Using a pair of Galileo and Santilli telescopes, Dr Santilli found the first known evidence of the apparent existence in our universe of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays. These results were published in the journal Clifford Algebras and their Applications in 2014. But that is not all the new telescope observed…

Detection of Invisible Terrestrial Entities

In his paper, Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) , Dr Santilli relates the moment his new telescope found a lot more than he anticipated:

“On September 5, 2015, at 9.30 pm the author aimed a pair of 100 mm Galileo and Santilli telescopes at the night sky over Tampa Bay, Florida, as seen from the NE orientation of the terrace of room 775 of the Vinoy Renaissance Hotel in St. Petersburg… The tests were merely intended for the search of antimatter galaxies and, consequently, the paired telescopes were aimed at the sky, but sudden clouds halted the tests and the author oriented the pair of telescopes horizontally over Tampa Bay.

To his great surprise, unidentified yet clearly visible entities immediately appeared in the screen of the camera attached to the Santilli telescope, without any enlargement, without the same entities being visible to the naked eyes, and without any corresponding image existing in the screen of the camera attached to the Galileo telescope.

This unexpected discovery triggered a novel systematic use of the pair of Galileo and Santilli telescopes, this time, for the search of entities, here called Invisible Terrestrial Entities, that are invisible to our eyes as well as to our optical instruments with convex lenses, but are otherwise fully visible via the Santilli telescope with concave lenses, and are located in our terrestrial environment.”

Dr Santilli’s observations were made over Tampa Bay in Florida.

Dr Santilli’s observations were made over Tampa Bay in Florida (pictured). ( public domain )

Invisible Terrestrial Entities of the First Kind (ITE-1)

Following his first observation, Dr Santilli carried out systematic tests and observations, and came to identify two different types of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITEs), though he acknowledges that further types may be identified in the future. Both types have been independently verified by colleagues, and their existence was disclosed for the first time at an invited lecture delivered at the St. Petersburg Astronomy Club on September 25, 2015.

He defines the First Kind (ITE-1) as entities that:

  1. are not visible to the human eye or to conventional optical instruments with convex lenses, but are otherwise fully visible via Santilli telescopes with concave lenses;
  2. exist in our terrestrial environment, rather than in deep astro-physical spaces; and
  3. leave “dark images” in the background of digital cameras attached to Santilli telescopes.

Dr Santilli notes that the entities moved slowly and rotated. This particular type of motion excludes impurities in the telescope lens or in the camera as possible interpretations.

He further notes that “the emission of antimatter light does not mean that the entity is made up of antimatter, because the existence of the entities within our atmosphere would imply a cataclysmic explosion due to matter-antimatter annihilation.”

“In short,” writes Dr Santilli, “it appears that ITE-1 consist of matter-entities in our terrestrial environment achieving locomotion via the acquisition of antimatter in their interior with consequential use of matter-antimatter propulsion, and achieve invisibility via the emission of antimatter-light as a sort of exhaust.”

Photographs of ITE-1s. Left and Middle: Captured by Dr Santilli in the night sky over Tampa Bay, Florida on September 5, 2015. Right: Captured by K Brinkman in the night sky over St Petersburg, Florida on September 20, 2015.

Photographs of ITE-1s. Left and Middle: Captured by Dr Santilli in the night sky over Tampa Bay, Florida on September 5, 2015. Right: Captured by K Brinkman in the night sky over St Petersburg, Florida on September 20, 2015. Credit: Dr Santilli.


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California Coyotes on Drugs?

There are some strange goings on in North California. Okay, that’s not unusual, but this time it involves coyotes who could be tripping on ‘shrooms.

” Witch Marks” – the Occult art of Gemma Gary



(this article originally appeared in Lexicon magazine)

“Witch Marks” – the Occult art of Gemma Gary

by Barry William Hale

Since the publishing of books on the subjects of witchcraft, magic and folklore has become a dominant occupation, my visual work has, by necessity, adapted from painting, sculpting and object making into ink line drawings and pointillism. As book illustrations, these images are representative, visual ‘documentaries’ of actual magical practices, ritual, magical objects, sacredloci and talismanic signs.

The ‘documentary’ nature of the of actual magical practices, ritual, magical objects, sacred loci and talismanic signs. The ‘documentary’ nature of the work is emphasised by its co-relationship with photography. Within my ongoing collaboration with Jane Cox, my praxis often forms the focus of photographic art; record- ing magic and ritual. In turn, elements of these images form the focus of my work with ink where the hand’s formation of line and the repetitive pointillist action provide meditative opportunities. -GG

Gemma Gary is a British “Old Craft” initiate, occultist, artist and writer and trustee of the “Friends of the Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft”. She is a well respected authority of witchcraft and folk magical traditions with particular focus on these traditions found in Devonshire and Cornwall. She a prolific author her books have been produced by some of the leading esoteric publication houses such as ‘Three Hands Press’ & ‘Troy books’, as well as contributing regularly to esoteric anthologies.

Gemma has an artistic practice which is integrated into her ongoing esoteric work.
Her Art embodies her scholarly research and her intimate initatic understanding of her informing spiritual traditions. -BWH

Her published works include
-The Devil’s Dozen – Thirteen Craft Rites of the Old One
-Wisht Waters – Aqueous Magica and the Cult of Holy Wells
-The Charmer’s Psalter
-The Black Toad –
-West Country Witchcraft & Magic With Foreword by Michael Howard-Traditional ”
-Witchcraft – A Cornish Book of Ways



Truth be told, the world is riddled with conspiracies. A conspiracy is at minimum, nothing more than a handful of people working together in the shadows, to accomplish a goal that benefits themselves and hurts everyone else. By that definition, there are countless conspiracies in the world. There are so many conspiracies that in all likelihood, the vast majority of them will never reach the public’s awareness.

However, that mainly applies to conspiracies committed by a small group of insiders. When you have hundreds or even thousands of people who are in on the conspiracy, there’s a much greater chance that at some point, somebody is going to spill the beans. How likely that is, would be anyone’s guess of course. Human beings are pretty unpredictable. It’s not like you can come up with a mathematical formula for predicting how long it would take for a conspiracy to unravel, right?

Dr. David Grimes from Oxford University would beg to differ. One human being may be unpredictable, but when you look at a large group of people, certain patterns emerge. So by looking at past examples of conspiracies that have since seen the light of day, how many people were involved in each conspiracy, and how long it took for someone to blow the whistle, you can predict the longevity of any given conspiracy.

Specifically, he was missing a good estimate for the intrinsic probability of a conspiracy failing. To determine this, Dr Grimes analysed data from three genuine collusions.

The first was the surveillance program conducted by the US National Security Agency (NSA), known as PRISM. This programme involved, at most, 36,000 people and was famously revealed by Edward Snowden after about six years.

The second was the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, in which the cure for syphilis (penicillin) was purposefully withheld from African-American patients.

The experiment may have involved up to 6,700 people, and Dr Peter Buxtun blew the whistle after about 25 years.

The third was an FBI scandal in which it was revealed by Dr Frederic Whitehurst that the agency’s forensic analysis was unscientific and misleading, resulting in the imprisonment and execution of innocent people.

Dr Grimes estimates that a maximum of 500 people could have been involved and that it took about six years for the scandal to be exposed.

Dr. Grimes determined that at any given time, the odds of a conspiracy being foiled by one of its own members, was four in one million. Obviously, the odds rapidly increase as time passes, and as more people get in on the conspiracy. So he came up with a formula that can take those factors into account, and produce an estimate for how long a conspiracy might last. The first thing he did then, was apply this formula to several popular conspiracy theories.

Dr Grimes’s analysis suggests that if these four conspiracies were real, most are very likely to have been revealed as such by now.

Specifically, the Moon landing “hoax” would have been revealed in 3.7 years, the climate change “fraud” in 3.7 to 26.8 years, the vaccine-autism “conspiracy” in 3.2 to 34.8 years, and the cancer “conspiracy” in 3.2 years.

So does this prove that these conspiracies are untrue? Not exactly, though that’s certainly the conclusion that Dr. Grimes wants us to reach. However, he came to these numbers based on the assumption that a certain number of people were involved in the conspiracy. But it’s impossible to really know how many people are involved in a conspiracy, if it hasn’t been conclusively proven to be real. Here’s where the formula gets really interesting in my opinion. Take a look at the numbers for the Moon landing hoax:

The Moon landing hoax, for instance, began in 1965 and would have involved about 411,000 Nasa employees. With these parameters, Dr Grimes’s equation suggests that the hoax would have been revealed after 3.7 years.

Additionally, since the Moon landing hoax is now more than 50 years old, Dr Grimes’s equation predicts that, at most, only 251 conspirators could have been involved.

So the formula doesn’t really disprove anything. What it does show is that if the Moon landing hoax were real, only 251 people were in on it. In other words, his formula is a great tool for determining whether or not a conspiracy is compartmentalized.

The Manhattan Project is a perfect example of compartmentalization. The race to build the world’s first atomic bomb employed over 120,000 people, but only a handful of them really knew what they were working on. Everyone else in the project was in the dark. They were given instructions and goals that only pertained to a very narrow segment of the project, and they didn’t really know about the other groups of scientists and engineers who were working on their own narrow goals.

Thus, they were just as surprised as everybody else in the world when the US dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. I’d wager that if the bomb wasn’t used, it would have remained a state secret for many years afterward.

All in all, I’d say this formula is helpful, but limited. Dr. Grimes thinks that he can use math to boil down human behaviors into a formula, but you can’t. It’s great for playing devil’s advocate, and helping us reach certain possibilities about conspiracies based on certain assumptions, but it doesn’t uncover the indisputable truth, as much as Dr. Grimes would like it to.

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WaPo even gets it:

The only question now is whether Venezuela’s government or economy will completely collapse first.

The key word there is “completely.” Both are well into their death throes. How did this happen? Typical nutjob socialist policies. WaPo again:

The first step was when Hugo Chávez’s socialist government started spending more money on the poor, with everything from two-cent gasoline to free housing. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that — in fact, it’s a good idea in general — but only as long as you actually, well, have the money to spend. And by 2005 or so, Venezuela didn’t.

Why not? The answer is that Chávez turned the state-owned oil company from being professionally run to being barely run. People who knew what they were doing were replaced with people who were loyal to the regime, and profits came out but new investment didn’t go in. That last part was particularly bad, because Venezuela’s extra-heavy crude needs to be blended or refined — neither of which is cheap — before it can be sold. So Venezuela just hasn’t been able to churn out as much oil as it used to without upgraded or even maintained infrastructure. Specifically, oil production fell 25 percent between 1999 and 2013. This has been followed by crazed central bank money printing:

The rest is a familiar tale of fiscal woe. Even triple-digit oil prices, as Justin Fox points out, weren’t enough to keep Venezuela out of the red when it was spending more on its people but producing less crude. So it did what all poorly run states do when the money runs out: It printed some more. And by “some,” I mean a lot, a lot more. That, in turn, became more “a lots” than you can count once oil started collapsing in mid-2014. The result of all this money-printing…is that Venezuela’s currency has, by black market rates, lost 93 percent of its value in the past two years..

And it’s only going to get worse. That’s because Socialist president Nicolás Maduro has changed the law so the opposition-controlled National Assembly can’t remove the central bank governor or appoint a new one. Not only that, but Maduro has picked someone who doesn’t even believe there’s such a thing as inflation to be the country’s economic czar. “When a person goes to a shop and finds that prices have gone up,” the new minister wrote, “they are not in the presence of ‘inflation,’ ” but rather “parasitic” businesses that are trying to push up profits as much as possible. According to this — let me be clear — “theory,” printing too much money never causes inflation. And so Venezuela will continue to do so.


This Is Why Timelines Change

time travel

by Gregg Prescott, Guest, Waking Times

What are timelines and why do some predicted events come and go without the anticipated event ever happening?

What is a Timeline?

A timeline is a chronological point within time and space that is relevant to this planet. For example, a list of inventions in chronological order since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution could be shown on a timeline.

Time is linear and is only relevant to this planet.   A day on Earth is calculated by the amount of time it takes for our planet to fully rotate on its axis.  A day on Mars is similar, but different because it takes Mars approximately 28 hours to revolve on its axis as it revolves around the sun, proving that time (as we know it) is only relevant to this planet.  When we cross over to the other side, time, as we know it, no longer exists.

3 Reasons Why Timelines Change

1.  Free Will  – I was talking with a friend of mine who is amazingly reliable with messages from beyond.  He stated that one of the biggest regrets of the Anunnaki is allowing us to have free will.  Other spiritual master will tell you the same thing…  not all planets and star families have free will.  Earth is one of the few planets whose inhabitants have free will.

Free will allows us to change perceived or anticipated timelines.  For example, several false flag events were averted through whistleblowers once the false flag was exposed to the general public.  Anexample could be found here: Ex-CIA Agent: Obama Planned Massive False Flag Attack On America

Because we, the people, do not (in general) seem to challenge most laws that work against humanity’s best interests, we are in essence agreeing with them and giving up our free will in exchange for perceived safety and security.

This is why “love and light” is not enough when it comes to creating change or changing timelines.  A good example of this would be the massive movement against GMO’s in the United States as Americans are finally seeing a growing movement toward GMO labeling and in time, the eventual elimination of GMO’s.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither.”  The same could be said of free will.

2.  We control our own destiny.  The last page on the Lost Book of Nostradamus is blank,  showing us that we control our own destiny.  In other words, it is our own free will that will determine how the story plays out.

3.  Parallel realities.  According to Dolores Cannon, every decision you make creates a parallel reality.  For example, if you decided to wear white socks instead of yellow socks or no socks at all, every decision you make creates a parallel reality.  In other words, in a parallel reality, you chose to wear yellow socks and in a different parallel universe, you chose to wear no socks at all.  Every possible option is played out in parallel realities and the option that we are all experiencing is only one version of this.

Thoughts, manifestations and timelines

Your thoughts and intentions play major roles in what comes into your reality and thus, what will affect subsequent timelines.  If you are predominantly thinking about bills, then bills are what you will attract to your timeline.

Thoughts are manifesting quicker than ever right now and as the global awakening continues, we will continue to see a number of whistleblowers bringing out the truth despite those in power trying to suppress it.

As the critical mass grows, the timeline that we experience changes toward something more positive.  A great example would be how George W. Bush tried to push for the North American Union and switch over to the Amero as the currency, yet this never came to fruition.  The same can be said for the “New World Order”.

The next time you see a timeline come and go, understand that there are variables that affect why any given event did or did not occur.  Know that the timeline has switched over to something positive.  Try to keep your thoughts and intention positive as well.  By doing so, everyone’s timeline will rapidly change into something that benefits all of humanity!


Cosmic Buddha: High Tech Scan of Ancient Chinese Statue Reveals Stunning Illustrations Depicting Buddhist Teachings

By April Holloway

Digital 3D scans carried out on a 6th century life-size statue of a monk have revealed stunning illustrations carved into the limestone that depict stories from the Buddha’s life and teachings. The carvings are almost impossible to see with the naked eye, so the new scans will enable experts to decipher the stories that are intricately embedded in the robe.

The Buddha Vairochana (Pilushena) statue, known also as the “Cosmic Buddha” was originally recovered from Henan province in China and belongs to the Northern Qi dynasty (550 – 577 AD), an era of great artistic transformation and religious expression.

“The iconography of the narrative scenes that cover its form-fitting robe represents the life of the Historical Buddha as well as the “Realms of Existence,” a symbolic map of the Buddhist world,” explains the Freer Gallery of Art , where the Buddha is on display.

“In Buddhist texts, Vairochana is described as the generative force behind all phenomena in the universe. He is also a central figure in the Chinese schools of Tiantai and Huayan. The narrative scenes are spiritual emanations rising from the Buddha himself and illustrate fundamental Buddhist teachings. These scenes originally would have been painted, as suggested by the slight traces of pigment that remain.”

Exhibit in the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA.

Exhibit in the Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA. ( public domain )

3D Scans Reveal Detail of Intricate Carvings

The Washington Post reports that the carvings on the Buddha are extremely worn and researchers and art historians had been trying for years to piece together the illustrations using paper rubbings. However, when this process began to wear down the surface of the sculpture, Keith Wilson, curator of ancient Chinese art at the Freer and Sackler Galleries, turned to Smithsonian’s new 3D digitization program for assistance.

When the results of the scans came through, Mr Wilson was astounded at how clear and detailed the carvings were, even revealing previously unreadable details.

Mr Wilson told Washington Post that on the back of the sculpture, he found “one of the most complex illustrations of the Sutra, a conflation of three or four events brought together in one illustration… This is one of the earliest instances of this kind of combination. Normally it would just be one scene.”

Studying these previously unreadable scenes enabled Wilson to conclude that the Buddha may have been designed to serve as a teaching tool, probably in a monastery, where a teacher would have provided instruction on the Buddhist teachings.

Intricate details revealed. 3D scans showed previously unreadable scenes carved into the Buddha’s robe.

Intricate details revealed. 3D scans showed previously unreadable scenes carved into the Buddha’s robe. (Source: Screen capture, Freer and Sackler YouTube video )

“By looking at 3D prints, scholars can now study these scenes for their artistic merit in a manner similar to paintings. The prints might help elucidate early Chinese narrative illustration and provide vital insight into the visual culture of sixth-century China,” reports the Freer and Sackler Galleries. “Thanks to the 3D model, the Cosmic Buddha can now be examined collaboratively in ways as never before, with “copies” of the sculpture being shared with colleagues in China and elsewhere around the world.”

View a video depicting the stunning illustrations on the Cosmic Buddha, now revealed through 3D scans:

Featured image : 3D scans showed previously unreadable scenes carved into the Buddha’s robe. (Source: Screen capture, Freer and Sackler YouTube video )

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