A Nonlinear History of Time Travel

ILLUSTRATION BY DANIEL HERTZBERG Births, deaths, and other time travel paradoxes. BY JAMES GLEICKG Idoubt that any phenomenon, real or imagined, has inspired more perplexing, convoluted, and ultimately futile philosophical analysis than time travel has. (Some possible contenders, determinism and free will, are bound up anyway in the arguments over time travel.) In his classic textbook, An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis, John Hospers tackles the question: “Is it logically possible to go back in time—say, to 3000 B.C., and help the Egyptians build the pyramids? We must be very careful about this one.” It’s easy to say—we habitually use the … Continue reading A Nonlinear History of Time Travel

Sex-Trafficking Terrorism is Running Rampant in America

By Preston James, Ph.D All Lives Matter ~ Similar to the Pennsylvania Appalachian Belt, the Minnesota Strip feeds kids into the national Sex-Trafficking Network to slake the World’s never-ending thirst for angelic-looking Sex Toys Sometimes Minnesota nice isn’t as nice as you might think. Right now there is a local and high level cover-up of major sex trafficking of minors in Minnesota. Some of the young girls are being sold for as little as $200.00 USD. Many have been taken out of state for purposes of prostitution, obvious White Slavery crimes which are federal felonies, kept in bondage with induced drug addictions and … Continue reading Sex-Trafficking Terrorism is Running Rampant in America


by ROBERT WEISS LCSW, CSAT-S In today’s increasingly digital world, pornography is ubiquitous. And every time the affordability, accessibility, and variety of online porn increases, therapists who specialize in sexual disorders, such as myself, see a corresponding increase in the number of people seeking help with out-of-control usage. That said, there are several categories of people who struggle with porn. Many of these individuals are porn-addicted, though certainly not all, and even those who qualify as addicted may fall into different groups. Are You Addicted to Porn? To qualify as an addiction, porn use must meet the following three criteria: Preoccupation … Continue reading PORNOGRAPHY: HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?

Leading US exorcists explain huge increase in demand for the Rite – and priests to carry them out

St Benedict of Nursia exorcises the devil from man possessed in a fresco by Giovanni-Antonio Bazzi CREDIT: REX by Rachel Ray, washington In the US, over the past 10 years, the number of official priest exorcists has more than quadrupled from 12 to 50. But for two of America’s most active exorcists – Father Gary Thomas, whose training in Rome was chronicled in Matt Baglio’s book The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist, and Father Vincent Lampert, whose work was depicted on Paranormal Witness – it is an ongoing struggle to keep up with the demand. In lengthy interviews with The Telegraph, the two … Continue reading Leading US exorcists explain huge increase in demand for the Rite – and priests to carry them out

The Proof That the Sugar Industry Manipulated Science to Get You Hooked

by Dr. Mercola, Guest, Waking Times For years, we’ve been warned about the dangers of eating too much fat or salt, but health authorities and media have been relatively silent about sugar, despite rising obesity rates and failing health in just about every area that has adopted a Western processed food diet. The sad truth is, there’s copious amounts of research, spanning many decades, showing that excess sugar damages your health in many ways, yet the sugar industry managed to bury the evidence and cover it up with faux science that supports its own claims, which is that sugar has little or … Continue reading The Proof That the Sugar Industry Manipulated Science to Get You Hooked

Written in baleen

A North Atlantic right whale mother and calf (Eubalaena glacialis) off the Atlantic coast of Florida. Photo by Brian Skerry/National Geograp Trees lay down rings, the Earth tells its story in geological strata and now we’ve found the secret archive of the whale Rebecca Kessler is an editor at the environmental news website Mongabay.com and previously worked as a senior editor at Natural History. She is based in Providence, Rhode Island.  ‘It’s hard to believe that a 40-ton animal can get hidden. They’re sneaky.’ Charles ‘Stormy’ Mayo was scanning the sea from the deck of the R/V Shearwater searching for omens: … Continue reading Written in baleen

Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs

by: Isabelle Z. (NaturalNews) In a move that is casting some serious doubt on assumptions about reproduction that have been held for centuries, scientists have just managed to breed mice without the need for fertilized eggs. The team of embryologists at the UK’s University of Bath injected sperm into embryos and successfully spurred full-term development. One of the researchers, Tony Perry, told the Telegraph: “Our work challenges that dogma, held since early embryologists first observed mammalian eggs in around 1827 and observed fertilisation 50 years later, that only an egg cell fertilised with a sperm cell can result in a … Continue reading Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs