Adelaide Child Sex Abuse Teacher Charged – But Government Kept Secret

Letter sent to parents asking them not to disclose this information to the public. Photo: Premier Minister of South Australia Jay Weatherill
From: Mathaba
Parents of children attending the Mark Oliphant College in Smithfield Plains, Adelaide, South Australia have received a letter last week after South Australia Police charged a teacher at the school with Unlawful Sexual Intercourse and “Communication with a child with the intention of making a child amenable to a sexual activity”.

However, in spite of the gravity of the offense, the school has requested parents not to post the letter on Facebook or any other Internet site. Mathaba received a copy of the letter and have decided to publish it as it is in the public interest to know of such offenses in public schools.

On social media, there are widespread allegations that the SA Police (SAPOL) are covering up VIP involvement in pedophilia in the state which is notorious for a history of child abuse, abductions and murders, especially around the era of homosexual Premier Minister Don Dunstan in the 1970s.

The teacher, said to be a female, has been “directed away from the workplace pending the outcome of the police investigation and prosecution” and the “Teacher has been instructed not to attend the school”.

The Mark Oliphant College said it only mailed the letter to parents of children attending the school after the Police informed the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) that they have no objections to DECD informing the school community and that this lack of objection by SAPOL is the reason the school is writing to parents.

Meanwhile the Leader of the Opposition Steven Marshall reported that the new head of the State of South Australia’s Child Protection Agency doesn’t have any background in child protection.

Copy of the letter sent by the school last week:



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